Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 9

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Exercise and Examples for Class 9 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. I said to Rheetama, “You must talk less.”

2. The prince said, “I will save my kingdom.

3. He said to her, “Come here.”

4. Mother said, “I cooked chilli chicken.

5. I told the girl, “Are you going all the way to Dehra?”

6. The official said, “Let no one speak to that man. He is a traitor.”

7. Say it again-I did not hear it all, said Chubukov to Lomov.

8. The traveller asked the old man, “Where can I get olive oil?”

9. The teacher said to his students, “You must respect your elders.”

10. The coolie said to her, “These days all trains are crowded, but you’ll find room in the zenana.

11. The hermit said, “Now rest awhile- and let me work a bit.”

12. He said to me, “If what you say is true I must go to the police.”

13. Jesus said, “I was hungry I was naked was homeless I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for.”

14. He said, “I am glad to be here this evening.”

15. She said to the boy, “Ain’t you got nobody home to tell you to wash your face?”

16. He said to us, “You did it to me.”

17. I said to my brother, “Do not run in the sun.”

18. He said, “What a risk we took in engaging that fellow.”

19. “I will have a new chain,” Leela said.

20. Mother said, “Do not trust a stranger.”

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21. Pritam said to Shefali, “Have you read the book ?”

22. The sailor said to us, “There will be a storm.”

23. Kalpana said, “My father is not at home.”

24. “Can you see a woman seated at a table?” he asked her.

25. Steffi Graff says, “I am ill.”

26. He said, “Good Gracious! What a huge snake.”

27. “Why doesn’t she talk to me any more?” I thought.

28. I told the sisters, “You take care of the other three, I take of this one that looked worse.”

29. Gopal said, “I am fine now.”

30. She said to me, “Alas! Rituparno Ghosh is no more.”

31. Don’t shout, said the teacher.

32. Father said to me, “She went to Chennai by train.”

33. “Now come with me,” he said.

34. “Keep your ruddy mouth shut,” Jim said to Sir Mohan.

35. Nandalal Bose said, “Education in arts heightens man’s knowledge and aesthetic experience and trains him in various modes of expression.”

36. Mother said, “Don’t eat fast food.”

37. I said to him, “I may come to your office.”

38. Father said, “May her soul rest in peace.”

39. The reporter said to me, “Five persons were killed in the accident.”

40. Sima said, “We have solved the problem.”

41. He said, “It has grown slowly consuming the earth.”

42. Amal said, “Could I but get the prize!”

43. Lomov said, “I’ve come to you, honoured Stepan Stepanovitch to trouble you with a request.”

44. “Good Heavens! We have reached the peak.” said the boys.

45. My cousin said to me, “I have watched the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.”

46. He said, “May God bless you.”

47. Please open the door, said Benny.

48. Arunava said to us, “Let us leave the place at once.”

49. Uncle Ron said to me, “Don’t give up hope.”

50. Father said to me, “Bravo! You have done well.”


1. I told Rheetama that she must talk less.

2. The prince said that he would save his kingdom.

3. He told her to go there.

4. Mother said that she had cooked chilli chicken.

5. I asked the girl if she was going all the way to Dehra.

6. The official forbade everyone to speak to that man, because he was a traitor.

7. Chubukov asked Lomov to say it again as he had not heard it all.

8. The traveller asked the old man where he could get olive oil.

9. The teacher told his students that they must respect their elders.

10. The coolie told her that those days all trains were crowded but she would find room in the zenana.

11. The hermit asked him (the Tsar) to rest awhile then and suggested that he (the hermit) should work a bit.

12. He told me that if what I had said was true, he must go to the police.

13. Jesus said that he had been hungry-he had been naked he had been homeless he had been unwanted, unloved, uncared for.

14. He said that he was glad to be there that evening.

15. She asked the boy if he had not got anybody home to tell him to wash his face.

16. He told us that we had done it to him.

17. I advised my brother not to run in the sun.

18. He exclaimed that they had taken a huge risk in engaging that fellow.

19. Leela said that she would have a new chain.

20. Mother advised not to trust a stranger.

21. Pritam asked Shefali if she had read the book.

22. The sailor told us that there would be a storm.

23. Kalpana said that her father was not at home.

24. He asked her if she could see a woman seated at a table.

25. Steffi Graff says that she is ill.

26. He exclaimed with wonder that it was a huge snake.

27. I thought to myself why she did not talk to me any more.

28. I told the sisters to take care of the other three and I would take care of the one that looked worse.

29. Gopal said that he was fine then.

30. My brother exclaimed that I was a great fool.

31. The teacher ordered not to shout.

32. Father told me that she had gone to Chennai by train.

33. He proposed to go with him then.

34. Jim commanded Sir Mohan to keep his ruddy mouth shut.

35. Nandalal Bose said that education in arts heightened man’s knowledge and aesthetic experience and trained him in various modes of expression.

36. Mother advised not to eat fast food.

37. I told him that I might go to his office.

38. Father wished that her soul might rest in peace.

39. The reporter told me that five persons had been killed in the accident.

40. Sima said that they have solved the problem.

41. He said that it had grown slowly consuming the earth.

42. Amal expressed a wish that he could but get that prize.

43. Lomov told Stepan Stepanovitch respectfully that he had come to him to trouble him with a request.

44. The boys exclaimed with delight that they had reached the peak.

45. My cousin told me that he/she had watched the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

46. He prayed that God might bless him (or, me).

47. Benny requested to open the door.

48. Arunava proposed that the place should be left at once.

49. Uncle Ron told me not to give up hope.

50. Father exclaimed with admiration that I had done well.