Narration Change Exercises

Exercises on Narration Change

1. Roshni said, “I can easily carry 50 kg weight.”

2. They said, “We are great patriots.”

3. She said, “He has punished himself.”

4. Why don’t you look out of the window? the girl asked. *

5. I’m very sorry, lady, I’m sorry, whispered the boy.

6. The girl said, “Let me go.”

7. She said, “I want to eat noodles.”

8. The police said to the driver, “Obey the traffic rules.”

9. Anuki said to me, “Oil floats on water.”

10. How many will you eat, old man ?, said the vendor.

11. Father said to him, “May you prosper.”

12. He said to her, “Wait till I return.”

13. What’s your problem ?, said the doctor to the patient.

14. He asked Mother, “Are you married?”

15. Nandalal Bose said, “Training in drawing will develop their powers of observation and this in turn will give them better insight into literature.”

16. The young man said to the officer, “You should do your duty property.”

17. Father said, “May God bless you.”

18. Chubukov: “My dear fellow, whom do I see! Ivan Vassilevitch! I am extremely glad!”

19. Chubukov said, “And don’t set foot in my house again.”

20. The boy said, “What a fool I am!”

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21. She overheard the conversation, said Jane.

22. Nandalal Bose said, “Once the students get acquainted with Nature, and learn to love it, their aesthetic sensibilities will never run dry.”

23. “Does the moon know you?” Leela said to Sidda.

24. He said to me, “You are going to the playground, aren’t you?”

25. Mother said, “You ought to study harder if you want to better your performance in the annual examination.”

26. Merlin said, “The boys were running.”

27. The old man said to him, “Fie! You are such a coward.”

28. The lady said to me, “Can you speak German?”

29. My father said, “You ought not to trust a man who is a habitual liar.”

30. My grandfather said to me, “May you be happy.”

31. He said, “I wrote a letter.”

32. He said, “Do it now.”

33. Natalya Stepanovna said, “Are you going to start shooting soon?”

34. The robber said, “There is a witch in the house.”

35. The boss said to the new employee, “Do you feel comfortable here?”

36. Leela said, “I don’t see it.”

37. She said, “Would you like to have a glass of juice ?”

38. The little girl said, “I have a pink frock.”

39. Grandfather said to me, “Give me the book by Saradindu Bandyapadhyay.”

40. The master said to the servant, “Go to the bazaar and bring me some sugar.”

41. “Are the trains very crowded on these lines?” Lady Lal asked.

42. Teacher said to the student, “Tell me the name of the poet.”

43. The teacher said, “Where was Napoleon exiled after the Battle of Waterloo”.

44. “They still have him in the lock up, though he is very stubborn and won’t say anything about the jewel,” said Mr Sivasanker.

45. “I don’t know master,” Sidda said to Mr Sivasanker.

46. He says, “A voice will run from hedge to hedge.”

47. She says, “I am a dancer.”

48. He said, “He is weak.”

49. Alpana said to her mother, “Did you eat last night?”

50. She said to the man, “Does Suresh talk to him?”


1. Roshni said she could easily carry 50 kg weight.

2. They said that they were great patriots.

3. She said that he had punished himself.

4. The girl asked why I did not look out of the window.

5. The boy whispered to the lady that he was very sorry and repeated it.

6. Father wished that I might prosper in life.

7. She said that she wanted to eat noodles.

8. The police ordered the driver to obey the traffic rules.

9. Anuki told me that oil floats on water.

10. The vendor asked the old man how many he would eat.

11. Father wished him prosperity.

12. He ordered/told her to wait till he returned.

13. The doctor asked the patient what his problem was.

14. He asked Mother whether she was married or not.

15. Nandalal Bose said that training in drawing would develop their powers of observation and that in turn would give them, better insight into literature.

16. The young man told the officer that he should do his duty properly.

17. Father wished that God might bless me.

18. Chubukov exclaimed cheerfully that he was extremely glad to see Ivan Vassilevitch.

19. Chubukov warned not to set foot in his house again.

20. He exclaimed (cried out that he was a great tool.

21. Jane said that she had overheard the conversation.

22. Nandalal Bose said that once the students get acquainted with Nature, and learn to love it, their aesthetic sensibilities would never run dry.

23. Leela asked Sidda if the moon knew him.

24. He asked me if I was going to the playground and assumed that I was.

25. Mother urged me to work harder if I wanted to perform better in the annual examination.

26. Merlin said that the boys had been running.

27. The old man expressed his disgust and said that he was a coward.

28. The lady asked me if I could speak German.

29. My father warned me against trusting a man who was a habitual liar.

30. My grandfather blessed me wishing that I might be happy.

31. He said that he had written a letter.

32. He ordered to do it then.

33. Natalya Stepanovna asked if he was going to start shooting soon.

34. The robber said that there was a witch in the house.

35. The boss asked the new employee if he/she felt comfortable there.

36. Leela said that she did not see it.

37. She asked whether I would like to have a glass of juice.

38. The littler girl said that she had a pink frock.

39. Grandfather told me to give him the book by Saradindu Bandyapadhyay,

40. The master ordered the servant to go to the bazaar and bring him some sugar.

41. Lady Lal asked whether the trains were very crowded on those lines.

42. Teacher ordered the student to tell him the name of the poet.

43. The teacher asked where Napoleon was exiled after the Battle of Waterloo.

44. Mr Sivasanker said that they still had him in the lock up, though he was very stubborn and would not say anything about the jewel.

45. Sidda addressed Mr Sivasanker as his master and said that he did not know.

46. He says that a voice will run from hedge to hedge.

47. She says that she is a dancer.

48. He said that he was weak.

49. Alpana asked her mother whether she (Alpana’s mother) had eaten the previous night (the night before).

50. She asked the man if Suresh talked to him.