Obstetrics and Gynaecology Quiz

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Quiz

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Quiz on Obstetrics and Gynaecology

1. Pick up the wrong one:
The following statements are related to Adenomyosis of uterus
(a) It is an oestrogen dependent lesion
(b) The incidence is high in Nulliparous woman
(c) Often co-exists with Fibroid uterus
(d) All of the above

2. Pick up the wrong one:
Cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia may undergo
(a) Regression
(b) Persistence
(c) Progress to invasive carcinoma
(d) None of the above

3. Pelvic Endometriosis may produce Infertility by
(a) Anovulation
(b) Defective Ovum pick-up
(c) Salpingopathy
(d) All of the above

4. Pick the right one:
Definite diagnostic procedure to detect invasive carcinoma of cervix is
(a) Vaginal Cytology
(b) Wedge Biopsy
(c) Cone Biopsy
(d) Colposcopy

5. Pick up the Correct one:
The conservative treatment of endometriosis with minimal symptoms in a Nulliparous patient aged 28 years is achieved by:
(a) symptomatic treatment to relieve pain.
(b) using Danazol to produce pseudopregnancy.
(c) using combined pill to produce pseudomenopa use
(d) All of the above

6. The most important clinical feature in the diagnosis of Stein-Leventhal syndrome:
(a) oligomenorrhoea or secondary amenorrhoea
(b) obesity
(c) Hirsutism
(d) Infertility

7. The commonest site of primary haemorrhage following total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oopherectomy:
(a) slipping of ligature of infundibulopelvic ligament
(b) slipping of uterine pedicle
(c) Vaginal Angle
(d) generalised oozing from the vault

8. Pick up the wrong one:
The fates of pelvic abscess if left untreated are the following
(a) Burst into vagina-common possibility
(b) Burst into rectum
(c) generalized Peritonitis
(d) Resolution

9. Pick up the wrong one:
The following are the controls of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators on GnRH secretion:
(a) Norepinephrine exerts stimulatory effect.
(b) Dopamine exerts inhibitory effect.
(c) serotonin exerts stimulatory effect .
(d) Prostaglandin-E increases the release of GnRH

10. Pick up the Right one:
Distinction between bicornuate and septate uterus can be made most accurately by:
(a) Hysteroscopy
(b) Hysterosalpin gography (HSG)
(c) Laparoscopy
(d) Combined HS G and Laparoscopy

11. Pick the correct one:
During Puberty, in majority of girls, which one of the following appears first.
(a) Pubic hair
(b) Axillary Hair
(c) Development of Breast
(d) Menstruation

12. Pick up the wrong one:
The following are few b ranches of anterior division of Internal ileac artery:
(a) Uterine
(b) Vaginal
(c) superior gluteal
(d) middle rectal

13. Prefered conservative surgery in carcinoma -in-situ of cervix:
(a) Conization
(b) Cryo Surgery
(c) Carbon dioxide Laser beam
(d) Large loop excision of transformation zone.

14. Pick up the wrong one:
Colposcopy is unsatisfactory.
(a) To detect the lesion in endocervical canal
(b) In postmenopausal women
(c) In premenopausal women
(d) To differentiate between inflammatory and neoplastic changes

15. The best sutures obliterating the myoma bed during myomectomy
(a) continuous through and through
(b) continuous interlocking
(c) Mattress
(d) Interrupt ed tier

16. “Face to Pubis” delivery incidence is more with:
(a) Android Pelvis
(b) Gynaecoid Pelvis
(c) Platypelloid Pelvis
(d) Anthropoid Pelvis
(e) None of the above

17. Congestive cardiac failure in a patient with Heart Disease is more likely at:
(a) 32 weeks
(b) At term
(c) First stage of labour
(d) Immediate after Delivery
(e) None of the above

18. A patient with 10 weeks pregnancy is diagnosed with an uncomplicated Dermoid cyst, it should be removed at:
(a) Immediately
(b) Between 14- 16 weeks
(c) After delivery
(d) At term along with caesarean section
(e) None of the above

19. The most malignant Endometrial cancer is
(a) Adenocarcinoma
(b) Adenoacanthoma
(c) Adenosquamous carcinoma
(d) Clear cell carcinoma
(e) None of the above

20. Non immune Hydrops Foetalis can be seen in except:
(a) Parvo B-19 Virus infection
(b) AIDS Virus
(c) Cytomegalo Virus
(d) Syphilis
(e) None of the above

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21. Following Intrauterine foetal death spontaneous Labour will generally begin within two weeks in :
(a) 25% of patients
(b) 50% of patients
(c) 75% of patients
(d) 90% of patients
(e) None of the above

22. Which of the following ovarian Tumour is associated with “Meigs Syndrome”
(a) Fibroma
(b) Serous Cystadenoma
(c) Dermoid
(d) Sarcoma
(e) None of the above

23. The most Common Cause of Fallopian Tube blockage in India is
(a) Gonorrhea
(b) Chlamydia
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Syphilis
(e) None of the above

24. Oral tablets “presently” supplied by Government of India under National Programme for Pregnant women contain:
(a) 60 mg of Elemental Iron and 500 μgm of Folic Acid
(b) 100mg of Elemental Iron and 500 μgm of Folic Acid
(c) 100mg of Elemental Iron and 1mg of Folic Acid
(d) 60mg of Elemental Iron and 5mg of Folic Acid
(e) None of the above

25. “Most” accurate diagnosis of Anencephaly on ultra sonography is made at:
(a) 6 weeks
(b) 8 weeks
(c) 10 weeks
(d) 14 weeks
(e) None of the above

26. The engaging diameter of after-coming head in Breech delivery is:
(a) Sub occipito- bregmatic
(b) Sub occipito -frontal
(c) Occipito- frontal
(d) Submento-Vertical
(e) None of the above

27. Amniotic Fluid is “mainly” produced by:
(a) Amnion
(b) Chorion
(c) Placenta
(d) Foetus
(e) None of the above

28. The pain associated with Endometriosis correlates with:
(a) Multiple Sites
(b) Depth of the Lesions
(c) Stage of the disease
(d) Increase in CA-125
(e) None of the above

29. In which part of fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy will have longest survival:
(a) Isthmus
(b) Ampulla
(c) Cornua
(d) Interstitium
(e) None of the above

30. The Commonest cause of Primary Amenorrhea is :
(a) Genital Tuberculosis
(b) Ovarian Dysgenesis
(c) Asherman’s Syndrome
(d) Mullerian Duct Anomalies
(e) None of the above

31. The Progesterone of choice of Emergency contraception is :
(a) Nor-ethisterone
(b) Medroxy Progesterone
(c) Levo norgestrel
(d) Desogestrel
(e) None of the above

32. If the division of fertilized ovum occurs between 4 and 8 day , the kind of Twin Pregnancy it will give rise to is :
(a) Diamniotic Dichorionic
(b) Diamniotic Monochorionic
(c) Monoamniotic Monochorionic
(d) Conjoined Twins
(e) None of the above

33. All of the following drugs are used in the treatment of post-partum haemorrhage except:
(a) Misoprostol
(b) Mifepristone
(c) Carboprost
(d) Methyl Ergometrine
(e) None of the above

34. For Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) consent should be obtained from :
(a) Female Partner
(b) Male Partner
(c) Female as well as male partner
(d) Consent not required
(e) None of the above

35. The best gas used for creating Pneumo-peritoneum for Laparoscopy is:
(a) Oxygen
(b) Carbon Dioxide
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Nitrous oxide
(e) None of the above

36. Sexual development in adolescent girls occur in following order:
(a) Pubarche,Thelarche, Menarche, Growth Spurt
(b) Thelarche,Pubarche,Growth Spurt,Menarche
(c) Growth Spurt, Pubarche,Thelarche,Menarche
(d) Pubarche,Menarche,Thelarche,Growth Spurt
(e) None of the above

37. The accepted minimum period of sexual cohabilitation resulting in no offspring for a couple to be considered “Infertile” is:
(a) 6 months
(b) 12 months
(c) 18 months
(d) 24 months
(e) None of the above

38. Pick up the wrong one:
In relation to Post pill amenorrhea
(a) It is due to the effect of oestrogen and Progesterone
(b) May be associated with galactorrhea
(c) It is Pituitary in origin
(d) It is more Common with preexisting DUB(Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding)
(e) None of the above

39. “Cal Exner Bodies” are seen in this cvarian Tumour
(a) Dysgerminoma
(b) Theca cell Tumour
(c) Granulosa cell tumour
(d) Arrhenoblastoma
(e) None of the above

40. The most significant finding in cardiotocography for detection of foetal hypoxia is:
(a) Early deceleration
(b) Variable deceleration
(c) Late Deceleration
(d) Sinusoidal pattern
(e) None of the above

41. Most important diameter of Pelvis during Labour for normal outcome is :
(a) A-P diameter of outlet
(b) Oblique diameter of Inlet
(c) Inter spinous diameter
(d) Inter tuberous diameter
(e) None of the above

42. The fertilizable Life span of oocyte is:
(a) 24 hours
(b) 36 hours
(c) 48 hours
(d) 72 hours
(e) None of the above

43. The Commonest cause of Pyometra is:
(a) Carcinoma of cervix
(b) Carcinoma of Endometrium
(c) Vaginitis
(d) Senile endometritis
(e) None of the above

44. Classical Location of Placenta Praevia is:
(a) Anterior
(b) Posterior
(c) Central
(d) Lateral
(e) None of the above

45. WHO definition of minimal normal sperm count is:
(a) 10 millions/ml
(b) 20 millions/ml
(c) 40 millions/ml
(d) 60 millions/ml
(e) None of the above