Old Question Papers on General English for all Competitive Exam

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Old Question Papers on General English
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General English from Old Previous Papers

Directions: Identify the correct form of prepositions from the alternatives given under each sentence:
1. The boy jumped __________ the wall.
(a) upon
(b) over
(c) to
(d) above

2. I am indifferent __________ your malicious lies.
(a) about
(b) with
(c) of
(d) to

3. I have made full preparation __________ the function.
(a) for
(b) of
(c) to
(d) on

4. I have complete faith __________ your decision.
(a) with
(b) upon
(c) in
(d) of

5. The drunk driver ran __________ the puppy.
(a) into
(b) over
(c) against
(d) on

6. I shall return __________ this week itself.
(a) within
(b) by
(c) on
(d) at

Directions: Identify the parts of speech for each underlined word:
7. This phone is much better than that.
(a) Pronoun
(b) Adverb
(c) Adjective
(d) Noun

8. Poverty is a huge problem in India.
(a) Adverb
(b) Verb
(c) Noun
(d) Adjective

9. Smoking has a bad effect on one’s health.
(a) Preposition
(b) Verb
(c) Adverb
(d) Adjective

10. I have supported you a lot in the past, but not anymore.
(a) Pronoun
(b) Adverb
(c) Adjective
(d) Verb

11. He came yesterday to see you, but you were out.
(a) Adverb
(b) Adjective
(c) Verb
(d) Noun

12. She coloured her hair green.
(a) Noun
(b) Adverb
(c) Adjective
(d) Preposition

Directions: Identify the correct verb-form to fill in the blanks:
13. I __________ my medications since last week.
(a) have missed
(b) was missing
(c) have been missing
(d) miss

14. The plane __________ by the time you get to the airport.
(a) will be arriving
(b) shall arrive
(c) had arrived
(d) will have arrived

15. She __________________ several jobs since graduating from college.
(a) has had
(b) has
(c) will have
(d) had had

16. ________________________ your umbrella with you when you leave?
(a) Will you be taking
(b) Will you have taken
(c) Will you take
(d) You will take

Directions: Analyse the given sentences and choose the correct option:
17. The poor labourer came to me with his starving family.
(a) Simple Sentence
(b) Compound Sentence
(c) Complex Sentence

18. I could not come, for I was down with fever.
(a) Compound Sentence
(b) Complex Sentence
(c) Simple sentence

19. Finishing my book, I placed it on the table.
(a) Compound Sentence
(b) Simple sentence
(c) Complex sentence

20. The poor man paid off his debts in time, but that still failed to satisfy his creditors who demanded more.
(a) Simple sentence
(b) Complex sentence
(c) Compound sentence

21. I have sold my car which was red in colour.
(a) Compound sentence
(b) Simple sentence
(c) Complex sentence

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Directions: Pick the correct clause of the words underlined in the given sentences:
22. Where is the money that I gave you yesterday?
(a) noun clause
(b) adjective clause
(c) co-ordinate clause
(d) adverb clause

23. The book which was stolen was mine.
(a) adverb clause
(b) adjective clause
(c) co-ordinate clause
(d) noun clause

24. I have been ill since I came here three days ago.
(a) adverb clause
(b) co-ordinate clause
(c) noun clause
(d) adjective clause

25. I am happy to know that you have succeeded.
(a) noun clause
(b) adverb clause
(c) co-ordinate clause
(d) adjective clause

26. He carried his laptop with him wherever he went.
(a) co-ordinate clause
(b) adjective clause
(c) noun clause
(d) adverb clause

Directions: Identify the correct notion expressed by each of the following sentences by choosing one of the alternatives given below:
27. He did not fail to turn up.
(a) assertive
(b) interrogative
(c) negative
(d) imperative

28. That a mere beggar should scorn his king!
(a) imperative
(b) exclamatory
(c) interrogative
(d) assertive

29. Leave the room this instant!
(a) interrogative
(b) exclamatory
(c) assertive
(d) imperative

30. We were unable to complete our task.
(a) negative
(b) exclamatory
(c) assertive
(d) interrogative

31. Would that I were a rich man, what riches I would shower upon you!
(a) exclamatory
(b) interrogative
(c) assertive
(d) negative

32. How dare you disobey my orders?
(a) exclamatory
(b) negative
(c) imperative
(d) interrogative

Directions: identify the correct usage of the words given in the alternatives below:
33. The Director said that he was sorry for my ________________.
(a) lost
(b) loose
(c) loss
(d) lose

34. The furious boss shouted at the drunken clerk, “__________________ fired!”
(a) You’re
(b) Your
(c) You
(d) You’ll

35. May God have _____________ on you.
(a) sympathy
(b) compassion
(c) sorry
(d) mercy

36. What a _________________ garden you have!
(a) lovely
(b) beloved
(c) lovable
(d) loving

37. ___________________ an example to support your answer.
(a) Sight
(b) Site
(c) Cite
(d) Side

38. Your notes are ______________ because your handwriting is so untidy.
(a) ineligible
(b) inedible
(c) illegible
(d) indelible

39. The son vowed to ____________ the murder of his father.
(a) vengeance
(b) revenge
(c) violence
(d) avenge

40. The father gave his _____________ to the marriage of his daughter.
(a) ascent
(b) assent
(c) accent
(d) ascension

Directions: Identify the word that gives the nearest meaning of the underlined words in the following sentences:
41. I’m not sure whether her story was credible or not.
(a) amazing
(b) believable
(c) interesting
(d) dull

42. The Queen’s dragons are fierce and invincible.
(a) cannot be seen
(b) cannot be tamed
(c) cannot be defeated
(d) cannot be controlled

43. The office disposed of its obsolete computers.
(a) outdated
(b) damaged
(c) excess
(d) repaired

44. After the death of her husband, she became a recluse.
(a) widow
(b) one who lives a solitary life
(c) one who does charity work
(d) a bitter person

45. The Board was unanimous in its decision regarding the election of a new Chairman.
(a) unable to agree
(b) undecided
(c) fully in agreement
(d) voting by secret ballot

46. She stood with her hands folded before her like a penitent child.
(a) repentant
(b) penniless
(c) punished
(d) rebellious

47. He was quite tenacious in his pursuit of the young lady.
(a) confident
(b) subtle
(c) persistent
(d) charming

48. The Resource Person was given a modest honorarium for presenting a paper at the Seminar.
(a) bouquet
(b) certificate
(c) memento
(d) payment