Pharmacology NCLEX Questions and Answers

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Pharmacology NCLEX Questions and Answers

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NCLEX Questions and Answers on Pharmacology

1. Anti-cholinesterases are ineffective in
(1) Belladonna poisoning
(2) Carbamate poisoning
(3) Post-operatic-paralyticus ileus
(4) Cobra bite

2. Following statements about Beta (B) blocker are true, except
(1) Esmolol is rapidly metabolised in liver.
(2) Celiprolol has direct vasodilatory property.
(3) Nevibolol releases nitric oxide.
(4) Metoprolol used CHF to prolong survival.

3. True statement regarding segmental block during spinal anaesthesia
(1) Sympathetic block is higher than the sensory block.
(2) Motor block is higher than the sensory block.
(3) Motor block is higher than sympathetic block.
(4) Sympathetic, motor and sensory block has the same level.

4. Following are the centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxants, except
(1) Chlozoxazone
(2) Chlormezanone
(3) Chlorpropamide
(4) Thiocolchicoside

5. Shortest acting non-depolarizing muscle relaxant is
(1) Succinyl choline
(2) Mivacurium
(3) Cis-Atracurium
(4) Atracuronium

6. Which of the following statement is correct regarding the drug interaction with Non-depolarizing Neuromuscular Blockers (NMBs) ?
(1) Desflurane reduce effect of NMBs.
(2) Cholinesterase inhibitors increase effect of NMBs.
(3) Aminoglycosides increase the effect of NMBs.
(4) CCB reduces the effect of NMBs.

7. True statement about Lignocaine except
(1) Used for treatment of Ventricular arrhythmia
(2) Can precipitate malignant hyperthermia
(3) Lignocaine is more cardiotoxic than Bupivacaine
(4) Bupivacaine is more vasodilatory than Lignocaine

8. Which of the following statement about NSAIDS is false ?
(1) They can blunt the antihypertensive effect of ACEI.
(2) NSAIDS are useful in diabetic neuropathy pain.
(3) NSAIDS may cause nephrotoxicity.
(4) Many NSAIDS can be used topically.

9. Which of the following statement is not true about Aspirin ?
(1) Its clearance is dependent on plasma concentration.
(2) It is an irreversible inhibitor of COX enzyme.
(3) It is associated with ion trapping in stomach.
(4) It have a very low adverse effect On gastric mucosa.

10. A drug that is effective for rheumatoid arthritis but is not appropriate for Osteoarthritis is
(1) Naproxen
(2) Keterolac
(3) Parecoxib
(4) Leflunomide

11. Following statements about Fexofenadine are true, except
(1) It undergoes very low first pass metabolism.
(2) Terfenadine is active metabolites of this drugs.
(3) It does not block cardiac K+ channels.
(4) It has low affinity for central H1 receptor.

12. Mechanism of action of colchicine in acute Gout is
(1) Suppression of pain transmission at spinal level.
(2) Metaphase arrest in neutrophil proliferation.
(3) Prevention of Granulocyte migration
(4) Inhibition of uric acid crystal formation in joint

13. All of the following actions of histamine arc mediated through H1 receptor, except
(1) Release of NO from vascular endothelium lead to vasodilation
(2) Direct action on vascular smooth muscle resulting in vasodilation in smaller artery
(3) Bronchoconstriction
(4) Release of Adrenaline from adrenal medulla

14. All of the following can be used for prophylaxis of migraine
(1) Zolmitriptan
(2) Topiromate
(3) Amitriptyline
(4) Propranolol

15. Following statements are true about H1 antihistaminics, EXCEPT
(1) Ebastine is an active metabolite of Azelestine
(2) Azelestine can be used topically.
(3) Promethazine is used for acute muscle dystonia cause by antipsychotic drugs
(4) Cyproheptadine have additional SHT, blocking activity

16. Which of the following is useful in acute attack of Gout ?
(1) Probenecid
(2) Sulfinpyrazole
(3) Allopurinol
(4) Piroxicam

17. Allopurinol potentiates the action of
(1) Corticosteroid
(2) Probenecid
(3) 6-mercaptopurine
(4) Amphicillin

18. Which of the following drugs act as a benzodiazepine antagonist ?
(1) Flumazenil
(2) Fomepizol
(3) Furazolidine
(4) Fluoxetine

19. Selective COMT (Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase) inhibitor used in Parkinson disease is
(1) Entacapone
(2) Ropinirole
(3) Pergolide
(4) Pramipixole

20. Drug of choice in drug induced Parkinsonism is
(1) Levodopa
(2) Benzhexol
(3) Amantadine
(4) Carbidopa

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21. Following statements about Dexmedetomidine are correct, EXCEPT
(1) It is an α2 (Alpha 2) agonist
(2) Used for sedating property in ICU.
(3) It can cause hypertension and Tachycardia
(4) It is used for analgesic property in ICU.

22. Anticonvulsant causing visual field contraction Is
(1) Vigabatrin
(2) Levetiracetam
(3) Ethosuximide
(4) Phenytoin

23. Which one of the following is an established clinical use of morphine ?
(1) Generalized Anxiety disorder
(2) Relief of pain associated with biliary colic
(3) Pulmonary congestion in acute left ventricular failure
(4) Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

24. Following statements about Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) arc truce, except :
(1) TCA should not be used in patient of Glaucoma
(2) Used for prophylaxis of Migraine
(3) Are useful in diabetic neuropathic pain
(4) Useful in erectile dysfunction

25. All are true about Ramelteon, except
(1) Act on MT, and MT, receptor as agonist
(2) It only induce sleep and does not prolong sleep
(3) It has very high first pass metabolism
(4) No rebound insomnia

26. Which one of the following statement about Lithium is true ?
(1) It can cause mild hyperthyroidism.
(2) Thirst and polyurea are common side effect.
(3) High Na+ diet intake will increase the lithium level.
(4) It will calm the patient of acute mania within 24 hours.

27. Following pairs of drugs — mechanism of action are correct, except
(1) Gabapentin – Enhances GABA release
(2) Tiagabine – Blocking GABA transporter GAT-1 mediated removal of GABA.
(3) Vigabatrin – Inhibitor of GABA-transaminase.
(4) Pregabalin – Act as GABA agonist and enhance CL- ion transport.

28. Drug which do not act via GABA – Cl channel complex
(1) Zopiclone
(2) Methohexitone
(3) Clobazem
(4) Citalopram

29. Shortest acting benzodiazepine is
(1) Alprazolam
(2) Midazolam
(3) Lorazepam
(4) Diazepam

30. Anti-Parkinsonian drug, which act by blocking Dopaminergic D, receptor directly
(1) Ropinirole
(2) Benserazide
(3) Tolcapone
(4) Rasagiline

31. Which of the following statements is correct about Donepezil ?
(1) It is a topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.
(2) It is a cate-chol-o-methyl transferase inhibitor.
(3) It is a cerebrosclective anticholin esterase.
(4) It is a GABA transaminase inhibitor.

32. All of the following are the adverse effects of carbamazepine, except :
(1) Teratogenicity
(2) Neurotoxicity
(3) Decrease in ADH (Anti-diuretic Hormone)
(4) Hypersensitivity

33. Which of the following is the feature of phenytoin toxicity (over dose) ?
(1) Gum hypertrophy
(2) Loss of hair
(3) Acne Rosacea
(4) Nystagmus

34. Which of the following drug is useful for the treatment of infantile spasm ?
(1) ACTH
(2) Phenobarbitone
(3) Carbamazepine
(4) TSH

35. All are true about clozapine, except
(1) It can cause agranulocytosis
(2) It block D2 and 5-HT2 both
(3) It has a adrenergic blocking property
(4) It has no anticholinergic property

36. Congenital anomaly in fetus which can be caused by Lithium is
(1) Tetralogy of Fallot
(2) Ebstein’s anomaly
(3) Bicuspid atresia
(4) Pulmonary stenosis

37. Following statements are incorrect about Buspirone, except
(1) It interact with GABA, receptor
(2) It is a anxiolytic
(3) It produces physical dependence
(4) It will have rebound insomnia

38. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are useful in all except
(1) Social phobia
(2) Acute panic attack
(3) Post traumatic
(4) Generalized anxiety disorder

39. Which of the following drugs is not an antipsychotic agent ?
(1) Trazodone
(2) Risperidone
(3) Quetiapine
(4) Ziprasidone

40. All the drugs can be used in treatment of Heroin dependence except
(1) Buprenorphine
(2) Fomepizole
(3) Clonidine
(4) Lofexidine

41. Weight gain caused by antipsychotic is due to antagonism of which serotonin receptor ?
(1) SHT4
(2) SHT2A
(3) SHT2B
(4) SHT2C

42. Which of the following drug does not effect GABA, gated chloride channel ?
(1) Alcohol
(2) Muscimol
(3) Picrotoxin
(4) Buspirone

43. Drug which can be used to treat mania in ICU (emergency) are all except
(1) Carbamazepine
(2) Lithium
(3) Diazepam
(4) Lorazepam

44. The plane of surgical anaesthesia during ether anaesthesia is defined as
(1) Loss of consciousness
(2) Loss of consciousness to the onset of spontaneous respiration
(3) From onset of regular respiration to cessation of spontaneous breathing
(4) Abscense of reflexes

45. Following are the advantages of Glycopyrrolate over Atropine during pre-anesthetic medication
(1) Less CNS action
(2) Less Tachycardia
(3) Longer acting
(4) Less neuromuscular blockade