Physical World Geography Questions and Answers

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Physical World Geography Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers on Physical World Geography

1. Which of the following volcanoes is situated in Mexico ?
(A) Colima
(B) Purace
(C) Semeru
(D) Etna

2. The Melanesian Island Group lies in the
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean
(D) Arctic Ocean

3. The Continent through which the imaginary lines of Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Carpricorn and Equator pass, is
(A) Africa
(B) Australia
(C) Europe
(D) Asia

4. Which one of the following is called ‘Ring of Fire’?
(A) Circum Pacific Belt
(B) Mid-Continental Belt
(C) Indian Ocean Belt
(D) Atlantic Ocean Belt

5. Great Barrier Reef of Australia is located parallel to
(A) East coast
(B) West coast
(C) North coast
(D) South coast

6. Selvas are
(A) Huge Canadian forests
(B) Equatorial rain forests of Brazil
(C) Coniferous forests of Siberia
(D) Evergreen monsoon forests

7. Sunda strait lies between
(A) Sumatra and Borneo
(B) Java and Borneo
(C) Java and Sumatra
(D) Sulawest and Java

8. The Strait of Gibraltar is situated in the
(A) Iberian Peninsula
(B) Indian Peninsula
(C) Arabian Peninsula
(D) Cape York Peninsula

9. Cape Cod is located near
(A) Philadelphia
(B) Washington
(C) Florida
(D) Boston

10. Source of River Nile is
(A) Lake Nassir
(B) Lake Victoria
(C) Lake Chad
(D) Lake Tanganyika

11. Many of the active volcanoes are situated in
(A) Atlantic Ocean
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Indian Ocean
(D) Arctic Ocean

12. The Equatorial Forests of the Amazon Basin in South America are known as
(A) Selva
(B) Taiga
(C) Tundra
(D) Pampas

13. Which one of the following is the longest river in the world?
(A) Amazon
(B) Yangtze-Kiang
(C) Nile
(D) Mississipi-Missouri

14. Which one of the following is the largest lake in the world?
(A) Lake Superior
(B) Caspian Sea
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Victoria

15. The pacific Ring of Fire is
(A) an area of constant forest fires in the Pacific islands
(B) a volcanic belt around the Pacific
(C) an area of intense heat in the Pacific
(D) islands rich in fuel minerals in the pacific

16. In geography ‘Gulf Stream’ refers to
(A) a warm ocean current
(B) strong air current
(C) streams joining a gulf
(D) the name of a stream

17. The Strait of Gibraltar provides entry into the
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Red Sea
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Atlantic Ocean

18. The Chinese river known as yellow river is
(A) Hwang-Ho
(B) Sikiang
(C) Yangtse-Kiang
(D) Mekong

19. Fishing grounds of the world are found in areas where
(A) there are high tides
(B) warm and cold currents meet
(C) there are low tides
(D) high stormy waves occur

20. Mount Blanc is the highest peak of these mountain ranges
(A) Atlas
(B) Rockys
(C) Andes
(D) Alps

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21. Through which of the given regions does the equator run?
(A) Africa
(B) India
(C) Arabia
(D) China

22. The world famous ‘Serangeti Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
(A) Kenya
(B) Tanzania
(C) Zambia
(D) Uganda

23. Which is the largest existing mangrove forest in the world?
(A) African forest
(B) Alphine forest
(C) Sunderbans
(D) Australian forest

24. The canal which links Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean is
(A) Suez
(B) Malacca
(C) Panama
(D) Gibralter

25. The Strait that connects Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea is
(A) Panama Strait
(B) Suez Strait
(C) Palk Strait
(D) Bering Strait

26. The world’s largest island is
(A) New Guinea
(B) Madagascar
(C) Greenland
(D) Iceland

27. Peshawar is near to
(A) Karakoram Pass
(B) Zojila Pass
(C) Namika-La Pass
(D) Khyber Pass

28. The highest altitude (4411 meters above sea level) is of:
(A) Daocheng Yading Airport
(B) Heathrow Airport
(C) Kathmandu Airport
(D) Bangda Airport

29. “Yosemite” is a
(A) River
(B) Peak
(C) Waterfall
(D) Dam

30. The temperate grasslands of South America are called
(A) Prairies
(B) Pampas
(C) Downs
(D) Steppes

31. The Victoria Falls are on the river
(A) Niger
(B) Congo
(C) Zambezi
(D) Orange

32. ‘Dead Sea’ is called so because
(A) the water is brackish
(B) it does not support any acquatic life
(C) it is not favourable for navigation
(D) it has no waves

33. The country located between 8° N and 37° N latitudes is
(A) Bangladesh
(B) India
(C) China
(D) Pakistan

34. Kangaroos, Platypus and Koala bears are wildlife of
(A) Australia
(B) South America
(C) Europe
(D) Africa

35. The Panama Canal links
(A) Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
(B) Atlantic and Arctic Ocean
(C) Pacific and Indian Ocean
(D) Antarctic and Atlantic Ocean

36. Volcanic activity is more common in
(A) Hawai
(B) Japan
(C) Colombia
(D) New Zealand

37. The river which has a greater flow of water than any other river in the world is.
(A) River Hwang-ho
(B) River Amazon
(C) River Zaire
(D) River Nile

38. The largest delta of the world is
(A) Sunderbans
(B) Amazon Basin
(C) Greenland
(D) Congo Basin

39. Which two countries are connected by an under-water tunnel?
(A) England and Spain
(B) Malaysia and Singapore
(C) England and Belgium
(D) France and England

40. The deepest trench of the world- ‘The Mariana Trench’ is located in the :
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) Pacific Ocean

41. Which country is the world’s largest archipelago ?
(A) Philippines
(B) Indonesia
(C) Sweden
(D) Greenland

42. Which one of the following parts of the world does not receive rainfall any time of the year ?
(A) Central Europe
(B) Central North America
(C) Polar regions
(D) Sub-Saharan areas

43. Which one of the following is the highest gravity dam in the world ?
(A) Beas Dam
(B) Nangal Dam
(C) Bhakra Dam
(D) Hirakud Dam

44. “Climate is extreme, rainfall is scanty, and the people used to be nomadic hoarders”. For which region is this statement correct ?
(A) African Savanna
(B) Central Asian Steppes
(C) Siberian Tundra
(D) North American Prairies

45. Which one of the following is/ are wrongly matched ?
A. typhoons — China Sea
B. hurricanes— India Ocean
C. cyclone — West Indies
D. tornadoes — Australia
(A) A, B and C
(B) A, B and D
(C) A, C and D
(D) B, C and D

46. Black Forests are found in
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Czechoslovakia
(D) Rumania

47. The largest island in the world is Greenland. It is an integral part of
(A) Norway
(B) North America
(C) Denmark
(D) Canada

48. The main reason for deforestation in Asia is
(A) excessive fuel wood collection
(B) excessive soil erosion
(C) floods
(D) construction of roads

49. Suez Canal connects
(A) Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
(B) Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
(C) Lake Huron and Lake Erie
(D) Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

50. In which country is the volcano Mount Gamkonora, the highest peak of Halmahera island, which erupted in July 2007 located?
(A) Japan
(B) Indonesia
(C) Russia
(D) France

51. Which from the following is a landlocked sea ?
(A) Timor Sea
(B) Arafura Sea
(C) Greenland Sea
(D) Aral Sea

52. The largest freshwater lake in the world is
(A) Lake Victoria
(B) Lake Michigan
(C) Lake Balkhash
(D) Lake Superior