Physiology for Nurses

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Physiology for Nurses

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Physiology for Nurses PDF

1) In Peripheral blood film, the Reticulocytes are stained with –
A) Brilliant cresyl blue
B) Methylene blue
C) Eosin
D) Indigo carmine

2) Blood disorder Hemophilia, occurs due to deficiency of –
A) Factor V
B) Factor VIII
C) Factor XII
D) Factor IV

3) Diagnostic characteristic of Iron Deficiency Anaemia, is-
A) Increased Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin
B) Increased Red Blood Cell Size
C) Decreased Mean Corpuscular Volume
D) Increased blood Ferritin level

4) Granules in the cytoplasm of Neutrophil are –
A) Coarse
B) Spectacle shaped
C) Stained by basic dyes
D) Take both acidic and basic dyes

5) Normal Life span of a Red Blood Cell is –
A) 10 days
B) 120 days
C) 360 days
D) 420 days

6) Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) causing AIDS, chiefly attacks –
A) Neutrophils
B) Eosinophils
C) Basophils
D) Helper T lymphocytes

7) Normal values of Plasma Proteins is –
A) 6 – 8 gms/ 100 ml of blood
B) 2- 4 gms/ 100 ml of blood
C) 10 – 12 gms/ 100 ml of blood
D) 14 – 16 gms/ 100 ml of blood

8) Clinically important Rh agglutinogen is –
A) A
B) E
C) C
D) D

9) In Patients of poorly controlled Diabetes Mellitus-
A) Values of HbA decreases
B) There is presence of HbF
C) Values of HbA1c increases
D) There is presence of HbS

10) Chronic Loss of small amount of Blood can cause –
A) Iron deficiency anaemia
B) Megaloblastic anaemia
C) Normocytic anaemia
D) Aplastic anaemia

11) Which of the following statement is true for Na – K ATPase pump –
A) Pumps 2 Na outside and 3 K inside the cell
B) It is a primary active transport mechanism
C) It is a downhill process requiring no energy
D) It is a secondary active transport mechanism

12) Extracellular fluid is –
A) ⅓ of total body water
B) ⅔ of total body water
C) ½ of total body water
D) ¼ of total body water

13) Characteristic feature of Facilitated Diffusion is –
A) It requires energy
B) It requires a carrier protein
C) An active process
D) An uphill process

14) Transcription is –
A) DNA replication
B) DNA wrapping around histone
C) RNA forming proteins
D) Production of RNA from DNA

15) G proteins are –
A) Good proteins
B) Gap junction proteins
C) Guiding proteins
D) Cell signalling proteins

16) After Action Potential, Resting Membrane Potential is restored by –
A) Na – K Pump activity
B) Na – K channels inactivity
C) K channel activity
D) Na channel inactivity

17) Absolute Refractory Period is due to –
A) Opening of Na channels
B) Closure of K channels
C) Closure of Na channels
D) Opening of K channels

18) Nerve cell has maximum Na channels at –
A) Dendrites
B) Axon Hillock
C) Soma
D) Axonal termination

19) Local Anaesthetics mostly affect
A) Group C fibers
B) Group A fibers
C) Group D fibers
D) Group B fibers

20) Nerve Conduction Velocity is least in –
A) A alpha fibers
B) A gamma fibers
C) B fibers
D) C fibers

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21) Motor Unit is a term used for –
A) All muscle fibers
B) Single muscle fiber
C) A motor nerve branch and all muscle fibers supplied by it
D) Motor nerve, all muscle fibers and afferent nerve, together

22) Action of Acetylcholine on Nicotinic receptors causes –
A) Relaxation of Skeletal muscle
B) Contraction of Skeletal muscle
C) Relaxation of Smooth muscle
D) Contraction of Smooth muscle

23) Golgi tendon organs are supplied by –
A) A Alpha fibers
B) A beta fibers
C) A delta fibers
D) A gamma fibers

24) Which cells of the Collecting Ducts are responsible for Vasopressin stimulated water reabsorption –
A) Lacis cells
B) Mesangial cells
C) Principal cells
D) Intercalated cells

25) Renin secretion by neural stimulation is due to –
A) Activation of beta adrenergic receptors
B) Activation of alpha adrenergic receptors
C) Activation of Muscarinic receptors
D) Activation of Nicotinic receptors

26) Glomerular Filtration Rate in healthy adult male is –
A) 500 ml per minute
B) 250 ml per minute
C) 125 ml per minute
D) 75 ml per minute

27) Aldosterone regulated Sodium absorption occurs in –
A) Proximal tubule
B) Distal tubule
C) Loop of Henle
D) Collecting ducts

28) Transport maximum for Glucose, in man is –
A) 675 mg per minute
B) 375 mg per minute
C) 175 mg per minute
D) 75 mg per minute

29) In Proteinuria, most of the protein is –
A) Albumin
B) Globulin
C) Fibrinogen
D) Prothrombin

30) Urine is maximally acidified at –
A) Proximal tubule
B) Loop of Henle
C) Ascending tubule
D) Distal tubule and collecting ducts

31) Intrinsic Factor is secreted by –
A) Parietal Cells
B) Chief cells
C) Mucus cells
D) ECL cells

32) Potent stimulator for HCL secretion is –
A) Acetylcholine
B) Somatostatin
C) Gastrin
D) Prostaglandin

33) pH is highest in –
A) Saliva
B) Gastric juice
C) Bile juice
D) Pancreatic juice

34) Normal Bile secretion is –
A) 500 ml per day
B) 1000 ml per day
C) 1500 ml per day
D) 250 ml per day

35) Absorption of Hexoses across small intestine is dependent on –
A) K
B) Na
C) Mg
D) Ca

36) Intolerance to Milk occurs due to –
A) Low Amylase levels
B) Low Maltase levels
C) Low Lactase levels
D) Low Sucrase levels

37) Best source of dietary fiber is –
A) Meat
B) Eggs
C) Milk
D) Plants

38) Gut flora are responsible for Synthesis of Vitamin –
A) C
B) D
C) K
D) E

39) Peristalsis is Initiated because of –
A) Intestinal distension
B) Intestinal secretion
C) Hormonal stimulation
D) Nervous stimulation

40) Short chain fatty acids produced by Gut Flora are maximally absorbed in –
A) Duodenum
B) Jejunum
C) Ileum
D) Colon

41) Pulsatile secretion of TSH Peaks –
A) In morning
B) At noon
C) In evening
D) At midnight

42) Receptors for Thyroid Hormone are present-
A) On outer surface of cell membranes
B) On inner surface of cell membranes
C) In the cytoplasm
D) In the nuclei

43) In Hypothyroidism, Yellowish Tint of the Skin is due to accumulation of –
A) Free bilirubin
B) Biliverdin
C) Carotene
D) Conjugated bilirubin

44) Insulin causes entry of Glucose into the cells by –
A) Simple diffusion
B) Facilitated diffusion
C) Primary active transport
D) Secondary active transport

45) Major Function of Fetal Adrenal gland is –
A) Secretion of Androgens
B) Secretion of Epinephrine
C) Secretion of Corticosteroids
D) Secretion of Mineralocorticoids

46) Half life of Catecholamines in Circulation is –
A) 2 mins
B) 20 mins
C) 2 hours
D) 2 days

47) The Hormones of Adrenal Cortex are derivatives of –
A) Triglycerides
D) Cholesterol

48) Calcium content of adult human body is about –
A) 100 gms
B) 600 gms
C) 1100 gms
D) 1700 gms

49) Number of Parathyroid Glands in human is –
A) 4
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1

50) Calcitonin is produced by –
A) A Cells
B) B Cells
C) C Cells
D) D Cells