Pisciculture Questions and Answers

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Pisciculture Questions and Answers

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Download the Pisciculture Questions and Answers in this section. Aspirants just need to click on the link given in the table to download Pisciculture pdf. The Pisciculture model paper given is only for reference purpose.

Pisciculture Model Questions and Answers

1. Generally raw sewage contains:
(a) 99 %
(b) 90 %
(c) 99.9 %
(d) 80 %

2. In integrated aquaculture, number of poultry bird needed/ ha:
(a) 100-200
(b) 50-100
(c) 200-300
(d) 500-600

3. Feed Conversion ratio of Rice bran:
(a) 5.08
(b) 8.08
(c) 7.08
(d) 10.08

4. Gill in fish mainly used for:
(a) Filtering of water
(b) Excretion
(c) Respiration
(d) Both (b) and (c)

5. The largest freshwater fish in the world is:
(a) Huso huso
(b) Mola mola
(c) Wallago attu
(d) Oarfish

6. Nitrogen content of Urea is :
(a) 12-16%
(b) 20-25 %
(c) 16-30%
(d) 44-46%

7. Thelycum is the reproductive organ of:
(a) Male f/w prawn
(b) Female shrimp
(c) Male shrimp
(d) Female f/w prawn

8. The development of embryos without genetic contribution from the male parent is:
(a) Androgenesis
(b) Haploidy
(c) Gynogenesis
(d) Polyploidy

9. Fish species successfully bred first in India is:
(a) Puntius
(b) Cyprinus
(c) Esomus
(d) Zebra fish

10. Which of the following aquatic plant is not a Floating weeds?
(a) Eichhornia
(b) Hydrilla
(c) Azolla
(d) Pistia

11. 1 gm dry weight of organic matter:
(a) 4.5 K cal
(b) 3.5 K cal
(c) 5 K cal
(d) 5.5 K cal

12. Duration of quarantine period is:
(a) 2- 3 weeks
(b) 1 month
(c) 1 week
(d) 30 min -1 hr

13. Plankton sediment in cloth/ glass tube indicates good production of plankton:
(a) 1-2 cc
(b) 5 cc
(c) 3-4 cc
(d) 6-10 cc

14. Biofertilizers can replace …….% chemical fertilizers
(a) 25-30%
(b) 60 %
(c) 35-40%
(d) 44-46%

15. National freshwater fish is known as:
(a) Freshwater shark
(b) Stream trout
(c) Mahseer
(d) Indian major carp(IMC)

16. Which one is not air breather?
(a) Fighter fish
(b) Tilapia fish
(c) Channa fish
(d) Clarius fish

17. The line joining points of equal elevation is known as:
(a) Horizontal line
(b) Leval line
(c) Contour line
(d) All of these

18. In cryopreservation of fish gametes, which one of the following is NOT:
(a) Dimethyl sulphoxide
(b) Methanol
(c) Ethylene glycol
(d) MS -222

19. Hypocalcin is secreted by:
(a) Urohypophysis
(b) Pineal gland
(c) Adrenal gland
(d) Corpus of stannius

20. Which of the following chlorine agent is widely used in the fish processing plant/prawn hatchery of India?
(a) Calcium hypochlorite
(b) Chloramines
(c) Sodium hypochlorite
(d) Chlorine dioxide

21. DNA and RNA are differ in:
(a) Sugar only
(b) Sugar and pyrimidines
(c) Sugar and purine
(d) Sugar and phosphate

22. ……of the total farm area are reserved for pond
(a) 50%
(b) 75%
(c) 60%
(d) 80%

23. What is the main purpose of constructing berm?
(a) Soil erosion
(b) Strengthening of pond
(c) Netting
(d) Feeding

24. Father of Blue Revolution in India:
(a) V.G Jhingran
(b) Francis Day
(c) Hiralal Chaudhuri
(d) M.S Swaminathan

25. In prismatic compass, the zero marked on the:
(a) North
(b) West
(c) South
(d) East

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26. Which type of area measures give the most accurate result?
(a) Mid –ordinate rule
(b) Simpson’s rule
(c) Trapezoidal rule
(d) None of these

27. Production of semi-intensive farming(kg/ha/year):
(a) 1,200-2,000
(b) 5,000-12,000
(c) 3,000-5,000
(d) > 12,000

28. Which type outlet is most suitable for draining bottom water?
(a) Monk type
(b) Pipe made structure
(c) Open type
(d) All of these

29. According to the USDA, the minimum size of the fish pond should be:
(a) 0.1 ha
(b) 0.5 ha
(c) 0.2 ha
(d) 0.25 ha

30. Aeration is doing in the pond water when DO becomes less than:
(a) 70% of the saturation level
(b) 50% of the saturation level
(c) 60% of the saturation level
(d) 90% of the saturation level

31. Stocking density of brooder prawn:
(a) 1-2/m2
(b) 5-6/m2
(c) 2-3/m2
(d) 5-10/m2

32. Indian major carp eggs are:
(a) Pelagic and sticky
(b) Pelagic and non-sticky
(c) Demersal and sticky
(d) Demersal and non-sticky

33. Size of Female rotifer is:
(a) Larger than male
(b) Same with male
(c) Smaller than male
(d) None of these

34. Which of the following band is a light band?
(a) A-Band
(b) M-Band
(c) Z-Band
(d) H-Band

35. Myocommata is a :
(a) Connective tissue
(b) Membrane
(c) Muscle fibre
(d) Muscle bundle

36. Stocking density of Mahua Oil Cake in a hectare pond is :
(a) 1000 kg
(b) 2000 kg
(c) 1500 kg
(d) 2500 kg

37. True short food chain carp :
(a) Grass carp
(b) Rohu
(c) Silver carp
(d) Catla

38. Functioning of brain, nerves, etc are maintained by :
(a) EPA
(b) Amino Acid
(c) DHA
(d) None of these

39. Fish is superior to cereals in regard to higher content of :
(a) Proline
(b) Lysine
(c) Glycine
(d) Histidine

40. The process of lost gillnets continuing to gill fishes leading to unwanted mortality is called:
(a) Trap fishing
(b) Ghost fishing
(c) Deep sea fishing
(d) Drag fishing

41. In prawns, eggs hatches into
(a) Protozoea
(b) Zoea
(c) Mysis
(d) Nauplius

42. Brine shrimp is related to:
(a) Artemia
(b) Rotifers
(c) Daphnia
(d) Lerneae

43. The connective tissue which covers the muscle fibres are called:
(a) Perimysium
(b) Epimysium
(c) Endomysium
(d) None of these

44. Fish protein is rich and low in…… and …… Amino Acid respectively compared to cereal protein :
(a) Cysteine and arginine
(b) Phenylalanine and tyrosine
(c) Lysine and cysteine
(d) Lysine and tryptophan

45. Fish body or flesh is softer comparative to mammals’ because of:
(a) Less sarcoplasmic protein
(b) Low stroma protein
(c) High myofibrillar protein
(d) All of these

46. Ideal stocking density for shrimp in nursery is :
(a) 40 PL/m3
(b) 100 PL/m3
(c) 60 PL/m3
(d) 150 PL/m3

47. heel animals is related to :
(a) Artemia
(b) Moina
(c) Rotifers
(d) Daphnia

48. The farmers who has land holding between 1-2 hectares is known as :
(a) Optimal farmers
(b) Small farmers
(c) Marginal farmers
(d) None of these above

49. Base on the duration of life cycle, zooplankton are classified into:
(a) Mero plankton and holoplankton
(b) Micro plankton and macro plankton
(c) Mero plankton and macro plankton
(d) All of these

50. A decrease in temperature, increases the…………of a fatty acid
(a) Saturation
(b) Both
(c) Unsaturation
(d) None of these