Practice Set on General Awareness for all Competitive Exam

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Practice Set on General Awareness

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General Awareness Practice Set Paper

1. Namdapha National Park is situated in which of the following district of Arunachal Pradesh?
(a) Tirap
(b) Lohit
(c) Changlang
(d) Dibang Valley

2. William Nagar is a small but beautiful Hill Station of North —Eastern Region. It is situated in which of the following state?
(a) Nagaland
(b) Manipur
(c) Mizoram
(d) Meghalaya

3. The Kankan Railway connects —
(a) Goa-Mangalore
(b) Roha-Mangalore
(c) kanyakumari-Mangalore
(d) Kanyakumari-Mumbai

4. Which of the following is a harvest festival of India?
(a) Onam
(b) Pongal
(c) Lohri
(d) Magh Bihu

5. Where is the headquarter of the World Health Organisation?
(a) Zurich
(b) Geneva
(c) Rome
(d) Paris

6. Saliva helps in the digestion of —
(a) Fats
(b) Starch
(c) Proteins
(d) Vitamins

7. The longest bone in human body is-
(a) Ulna
(b) Humerous
(c) Femur
(d) Tibia

8. WIKILEAKS, a whistleblowers website is an international organisation based in
(a) USA
(b) UK
(c) Sweden

9. Which of the following book has been written by Kamala Das?
(a) Witness the Night
(b) The Red Devil
(c) Earth and Ashes
(d) Tonight This Savage Rite

10. Who is authorised to issue coin in India?
(a) Reserve Bank of India
(b) Ministry of Finance
(c) State Bank of India
(d) Indian Overseas Bank

11. According to the preamble of the Constitution, India is a
(a) Sovereign Democratic Socialist Republic
(b) Sovereign Socialist secular Republic
(c) Sovereign Democratic Republic
(d) Sovereign Socialist secular Democratic Republic.

12. Which four countries are called the Asian Tigers?
(a) Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
(b) Hong Kong , China, Singapore, Taiwan
(c) Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China
(d) Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan

13. The Indian Parliament means-
(a) Rajya Sabha- Lok Sobha
(b) Rajya Sabha- Loksabha- Prime Minister
(c) President of India- Rajya Sabha- Lok Sabha
(d) President of India-Vice President of India-Lok Sabha- Rajya Sabha

14. Hiuen Tsang visited India during the reign of
(a) Chandra Gupta I
(b) Chandra Gupta II
(c) Harshavardhana
(d) Rudradaman

15. Which of the following state has the longest coastline?
(a) Maharastra
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Gujarat
(d) Andhra Pradesh

16. An example of false fruit is —
(a) Apple
(b) Guava
(c) Mango
(d) Tomato

17. Sea breeze is formed during-
(a) Day Time
(b) Night Time
(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(d) Seasonal

18. Among the following materials sound travels fastest in
(a) Steel
(b) Air
(c) vacuum
(d) water

19. Which of the following is the smallest bird
(a) Pigeon
(b) Parrot
(c) Humming bird
(d) House sparrow

20. The Stone Age people had the first domestic
(a) Asses
(b) Dogs
(c) Horses
(d) Sheeps

21. Indus Valley Civilisation flourished during
(a) 5000-3500 BC
(b) 3000-1500 BC
(c) 2500-1750 BC
(d) 1500-500 BC

22. The expounder of yoga philosophy is —
(a) Patanjali
(b) Gautama
(c) Jaimini
(d) Shankaracharya

23. The great Hindu Law giver was –
(a) Kapil
(b) Banabhatta
(c) Kautiiya
(d) Manu

24. The meaning of ‘Buddha’ is —
(a) anything beyond God
(b) soul after death
(c) the Enlightened one
(d) the ultimate path of moksha

25. Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat in
(a) 1526
(b) 1536
(c) 1537
(d) 1541

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26. The first European to came to India were
(a) British
(b) Dutch
(c) French
(d) Portuguese

27. Who was the first Indian to get selected in ICS?
(a) Surendranath Bannerjee
(b) Rabindra Nath Tagore
(c) Satyendra Nath Tagore
(d) C.R.Das

28. Where was the first cotton mill in India was established?
(a) Surat
(b) Bombay
(c) Ahmedabad
(d) Coimbatore

29. The Asiatic society was established in Calcutta by-
(a) Warren Hastings
(b) Sir Willium Jones
(c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(d) TB Macaulay

30. The first Indian women who became the President of Indian Congress in 1925 Kanpur, is
(a) Annie Besant
(b) Sorojini Naidu
(c) Sucheta kripalini
(d) None of these

31. Which of the following prominently fought for and got widow marriage legalized?
(a) MG Ranade
(b) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(c) Raja Rammohan Roy
(d) Annie Besant.

32. Vande Matram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress
(a) 1886
(b) 1892
(c) 1896
(d) 1904

33. The practice of sati was declared illegal by
(a) Lord Ripon
(b) Lord Cornwallis
(c) Lord William Bentick
(d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

34. The first movement launched against the British in India was
(a) Khilafat Movement
(b) Swadeshi Movement
(c) Non-coperation movement
(d) Quit India movement

35. The first women’s university in India was founded by
(a) Gandhiji
(b) JC Kumarappa
(c) Dhondo Keshave
(d) Rani Ahllya Devi

36. Who established Hlndusthan Socialist Republican Army
(a) SC Bose
(b) Ras Bihari Bose
(c) Chandrasekhar Azad
(d) Sarder Bhagat Singh

37. Which of the planet is nearest to the earth?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Venus
(c) Mercury
(d) Mars

38. The study of heavenly bodies is known as
(a) Astrology
(b) Astronautics
(c) Astronomy
(d) Astrophysics

39. Which of the following is the biggest planet?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Saturn
(c) Mars
(d) Earth

40. Lunar eclipse occurs on
(a) New Moon
(b) Full Moon
(c) Half Moon
(d) Quarter Moon

41. A sudden fall in the barometer reading indicates-
(a) Rain
(b) storm
(c) fine weather
(d) extreme cold

42. Which of the following states has smallest land area?
(a) Goa
(b) Nagaland
(c) Sikkim
(d) Tripura

43. The highest peak in South India is
(a) Doda Betta
(b) Makurti
(c) Analmudi
(d) None of these

44. The mountain pass Nathula is located in
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Himachal Pradesh
(c) Sikkim
(d) Jammu and Kashmir

45. By which name the Brahmaputra enters into India —
(a) Manas
(b) Dhansiri
(c) Dihang
(d) Tsangpo

46. Economic Survey is published by-
(a) Ministry of Finance
(b) Planning Commission
(c) Government of India
(d) Indian Statistical Institute

47. The first Bank established in India was-
(a) Punjab National Bank
(b) Traders Bank
(c) State Bank of India
(d) Bank of Hindustan

48. Which is the best measure of economic growth of a country?
(a) GNP
(b) GDP
(c) Net Revenue
(d) None of these.

49. Excise Duties are taxes on –
(a) sale on commodities
(b) export of commodities
(c) production of commodities
(d) import of commodities

50. The light year is the unit of
(a) Time
(b) Distance
(c) Intensity
(d) Weight