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Psychology Mock Test Question

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Mock Test Question Papers on Psychology

1. Which of the following reinforcement schedule is the most resistant to extinction?
(A) Fixed ratio schedule
(B) Fixed interval schedule
(C) Variable ratio schedule
(D) Fixed interval schedule With limited hold

2. Research on heritability of intelligence suggests that:
(A) heritability is more important for achievement than for cognitive abilities
(B) The effects of common environment and specific environment count for very little on the variability in achievement scores
(C) Common environment has the most important influence on achievement scores
(D) Common environment is the most important influence on cognitive scores

3. Which of the following tests simultaneously assess the personality disorders and the validity of respondents answers?
(C) MBTI and MPI

4. Experimental evidence for subliminal perception can be provided by:
(A) Increase in sales of subliminally advertised products
(B) Failure to report conscious awareness of stimulus
(C) Ability to make accurate forced choice decisions above chance level
(D) Use of event related potentials (ERPs)

5. What were the measures of conditioned response (CR) in Pavlovian conditioning experiment?
(A) Response amplitude
(B) Response novelty
(C) Response latency
(D) Response recovery

6. A person has a plan to do several tasks during the next Week, e.g. to Write a letter, consult a doctor, read a book etc. What type of memory he has to be engaged in?
(A) Episodic
(B) Procedural
(C) Autobiographical
(D) Prospective

7. List the typical stages of creative thinking in the correct order.
(A) Preparation, incubation, verification, orientation and illumination
(B) Verification, illumination, incubation, orientation and preparation
(C) Orientation, preparation, illumination, incubation and verification
(D) Orientation, preparation, incubation, illumination and verification

8. The vineland social maturity scale measures:
(A) SQ
(B) MQ

9. While computing inter-item correlations in an ability test, Which one of the following should be preferred?
(A) Biserial correlation
(B) Phi correlation
(C) Point biserial correlation
(D) Spearman rank order correlation

10. The vagus nerve does not regulate this function:
(A) Taste
(B) Laryngeal control
(C) Neck sensations
(D) Hearing

11. In classical conditioning learning is evident when a:
(A) Stimulus automatically produces a response Without a prior history of experiences
(B) Stimulus which did not initially produce a response now elicits that response
(C) Spontaneously emitted responses increase in frequency as a result of its consequences
(D) Subjects repeat an action they have observed in another if praised for it

12. Profound anterograde amnesia results from accidental injury or surgical removal of the:
(A) Hippocampus
(B) Hypothalamus
(C) Pituitary gland
(D) Cerebellum

13. Which one of the following problem-solving strategies, though time consuming guarantees solution?
(A) Algorithm
(B) Heuristics
(C) Study of the problem in parts
(D) Trial and error

14. Which of the following biochemical is central to the stress response?
(A) GH

15. A person With moderate mental retardation has an IQ in the following range:
(A) 20-35
(B) 35-50
(C) below 20
(D) 50-70

16. A busy housewife may not be happy With the sudden arrival of guests, but instead of showing displeasure she may be too hospitable to them. This defence mechanism is called:
(A) Reaction formation
(B) Displacement
(C) Compensation
(D) Projection

17. A test has mean of 40 and standard deviation of 8. If the scores are normally distributed, What Would be the percentile rank of 48?
(A) 60
(B) 68
(C) 84
(D) 90

18. Which of the following is not a neurotransmitter?
(A) Acetylcholine
(B) Serotonin
(C) Dopamine
(D) Prolactin

19. Adler’s theory is labelled as:
(A) Analytical psychology
(B) Interpersonal psychoanalytic theory
(C) Individual psychology
(D) Psychoanalysis

20. Prosopagnosia is the loss of:
(A) Depth perception
(B) Colour perception
(C) Face recognition
(D) Size judgement

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21. The conditioned stimulus gets its reinforcing power from association with the:
(A) Unconditioned response
(B) Unconditioned stimulus
(C) Discriminative stimulus
(D) Generalised stimulus

22. Tulving proposed the distinction between the ………………….. memory.
(A) episodic and semantic
(B) deep and shallow
(C) event related and generalized
(D) short-term and long-term

23. A concept that is made of several characteristics is known as:
(A) Disjunctive concept
(B) Conjunctive concept
(C) Natural concept
(D) Relational concept

24. A person wants to buy an expensive sports car but he is apprehensive that his financial budget may be collapsed. The conflict faced is:
(A) Approach-approach
(B) Approach-avoidance
(C) Avoidance-avoidance
(D) Double approach-avoidance

25. Which kind of thinking is assessed by traditional IQ tests?
(A) Divergent thinking
(B) Convergent thinking
(C) Creative thinking
(D) Autistic thinking

26. While computing the split-half reliability, the correlation between the odd and even parts was 0.50. What would be the reliability coefficient of the test after Spearman-Brown correction?
(A) 0.50
(B) 0.62
(C) 0.67
(D) 0.76

27. Sagittal plane of the brain allows us to see the brain:
(A) as bisected into R and L halves
(B) as viewed from behind
(C) as seen from the front
(D) as seen from above

28. If you stare at a single spot of light in a completely dark room, the light will appear to move about in an erratic manner after a few seconds. This is due to:
(A) Stroboscopic motion
(B) Phi-phenomenon
(C) Autokinetic effect
(D) Defective visual perception

29. The plateau point in a learning curve is the point at which:
(A) physiological limit of capability has been reached
(B) incubation is occurring and performance will increase later
(C) response has been extinguished
(D) spontaneous recovery occurs

30. The phenomenon of TOT is connected with that theory of forgetting in which ……………………. is the basis.
(A) Retroactive inhibition
(B) Proactive inhibition
(C) Trace change
(D) Retrieval failure

31. The mental function which does not help in problem solving is:
(A) hypothesis formulation
(B) means end analysis
(C) insight
(D) functional fixedness

32. The brain structure capable of responding to an alarming situation before the cortex does is:
(A) Hypothalamus
(B) Amygdala
(C) Insula
(D) Hippocampus

33. The following is not a scoreable subarea of the vineland social maturity scale:
(A) Self-direction
(B) Occupation
(C) Communication
(D) Adaptation

34. The person is competitive, aggressive, hostile, impatient ……………………. . He finds waiting in lines quite annoying. The person would be considered as having:
(A) Type B personality
(B) Cyclothymic personality
(C) State-anxiety
(D) Type A personality

35. Twelve attitude statements are to be scaled by the method of paired comparison. What would be the possible number of pairs of statements?
(A) 144
(B) 132
(C) 72
(D) 66

36. During depolarisation the membrane opens:
(A) Sodium gates
(B) Potassium gates
(C) Chlorine gates
(D) Calcium gates

37. Gambler’s fallacy is largely the result of:
(A) Variable ratio schedules
(B) Variable interval schedules
(C) Fixed ratio schedules
(D) Fixed interval schedules

38. According to the levels of processing model a memory will last longer:
(A) if maintenance rehersal occurs
(B) it is processed at acoustic level
(C) it is processed semantically
(D) it is processed according to sensory qualities

39. Which of the following statements are correct of Inductive reasoning?
(1) Processes by which one comes to conclusion that are probable
(2) Reasoning involves generating hypotheses and then rejecting or accepting them
(3) Reasoning can be expressed by syllogisms
(4) Reasoning involves reasoning from a general level to specific conclusion
(A) (1) and (3) only
(B) (2) and (4) only
(C) (3) and (4) only
(D) (1) and (2) only

40. According to cognitive labelling theory, Mohan’s heart is racing, since he just ran 5 kms, and does not experience any emotion because:
(A) he knows that arousal stems from the exercise
(B) his heart rapidly returns to its normal state as soon as he stops running
(C) he does not have satisfactory explanation for why his heart is racing
(D) he is too tired to think about anything

41. The validity scales of the MMPI are represented by the following alphabets:
(A) T, F, C
(B) L, F, K
(C) M, P, R
(D) Y, N, C

42. Which two of the following statements are usually true for punishment?
(1) Punishment decreases the likelihood of a particular behaviour
(2) Punishment increases the likelihood of a particular behaviour
(3) Punishment leads to undesirable consequences
(4) Punishment is used to promote adaptive behaviour
(A) (1) and (2) only
(B) (2) and (3) only
(C) (1) and (3) only
(D) (2) and (4) only

43. Fluency, flexibility and originality are characteristics of:
(A) Convergent thinking
(B) Divergent thinking
(C) Symbolic thinking
(D) Critical thinking

44. Read the following statements regarding heredity and environment controversy and select the correct statements:
(1) Genetic differences could account for many of the observed differences between individuals
(2) Environment effects could account for observed differences between groups
(3) Genetic differences could not account for differences in IQ among individuals to an appreciable extent
(4) Environmental factors play significant role in IQ
(A) (3) and (4) only
(B) (1), (2) and (4) only
(C) (2), (3) and (4) only
(D) (1), (3) and (4) only

45. In the item analysis of an ability test, item remainder correlation is employed. Which one of the following correlations should be used for this purpose?
(A) Tetrachoric correlation
(B) Phi-coefficient
(C) Point biserial correlation
(D) Contingency coefficient

46. Which of the following is released maximally during the first few hours of sleep?
(A) Cortisol
(B) Testosterone
(C) Growth hormone
(D) Melatonin

47. Which of the following equations is correct according to Emmart’s law?
(A) Retinal image size = Perceived distance × perceived size
(B) Perceived size = Retinal image size × Perceived distance
(C) Real size = Perceived size × Real distance
(D) Perceived distance = Real size × Retinal image size

48. ‘Token economy’ is based on:
(A) Classical conditioning
(B) Operant conditioning
(C) Purposive behaviourism
(D) Observational learning

49. The concept of ‘unconditional positive regard’ is emphasised in …. .
(A) Person-centered therapy
(B) Behaviour therapy
(C) Psychodynamic therapy
(D) Rational emotive therapy

50. Language differences between the males and females may not be just the product of genetics, but also of the environment. According to the proponants of this views, what could be the cause of females having relatively better language skills compared to males?
(A) Brains of males and females are different
(B) Males are not equipped to learn language at the same pace as are females
(C) Females receive more encouragement for verbal skills than do males
(D) Females listen to language more intently when in the womb