RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers – Full Length Mathematics, General Intelligence and General Awareness

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RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers

Railway Recruitment Board gives the recruitment notification for Accounts Clerk cum Typist every year. Hence, Job seekers who are eagerly waiting can apply to RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist vacancies. According to the analysis every year the number of candidates applying for Accounts Clerk cum Typist jobs is increasing.

RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist General Intelligence Sample Papers

Aspirants who are going to attend the written exam on tentative dates can check the Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk cum Typist Exam Syllabus and test pattern. Interested candidates who aimed their career at the RRB NTPC can prepare for the Written Exam.

You can practice with the RRB NTPC Previous Years Papers to grab the great opportunity. Download the RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers by clicking on the link. We are providing the Railway Recruitment Board Exam Model papers just for the reference; you can use these at your own risk.

1. Find the Wrong number in the given series: 210, 163, 120, 72,24
(a) 216
(b) 163
(c) 72
(d) 24

2. Some equations are solved on the basis of certain system. Find the solution of the unsolved equation on that basis.
6 x 4 x 3 = 436, 8 x 4 x ? = 468, 6 x 9 x 8 = 986
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6

3. Select the appropriate combination of signs to solve the following equation
(a) X – ÷
(b) + – X
(c) X – +
(d) + X –

4. If in a certain code language ‘KINDLE’ is written as ELDNIK, then how will ‘EXOTIC’ be written in that code language?

5. CEGI : RTVX :: IKMO:?
(a) JKNP
(b) MNQP
(c) LNPR
(d) DFHI
Directions (6-7): In, each of the following questions a series is given with one term missing. Select the appropriate option to complete the series:
6. AEI, BFJ, CGK,?
(a) DHL
(b) DLH
(c) EIM
(d) LPT

7. 1, 6, 15, 7, 45, 66, 91
(a) 25
(b) 26
(c) 27
(d) 28

Directions (8-12): In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three.

8. (a) Diamond (b) Aluminium (c) Tungsten (d) Copper

9. (a) Seller (b) Customer (c) Hawker (d) Middleman

10. (a) Potter (b) Weaver (c) Loomer (d) Engineer

11. (a) Jasmine (b) Cherry (c) China Rose (d) Rose

12. (a) Typhoid (b) Cholera (c) Jaundice (d)AIDS

Directions (13-16): Mr. and Mrs. Sharma have two children Asha and Shashi. Shashi married Radha who is the daughter of Mrs. Mahajan. Suresh who is the son of Mrs. Mahajan was married to Rita. Sonu and Rocky are children of Suresh and Rita, Uma and Sudha are daughters of Shashi and Radha.

13. The surname of Sonu is
(a) Mahajan
(b) Sharma
(c) Shashi
(d) None of these

14. How Sudha is related to Suresh?
(a) Brother
(b) Uncle
(c) Maternal Uncle
(d) Nephew

15. How Sudha is related to Asha?
(a) Sister
(b) Niece
(c) Aunt
(d) Daughter

16. How Sonu is related to Mr. Mahajan?
(a) Sister-in-law
(b) Grandson
(c) Son
(d) None of these

Directions (17-20): Select the related word /letters / number from the given alternatives:

17. DARE: ADER:: REEK : ?
(a) EEKR
(b) EKER
(c) ERKE
(d) EERK

18. Silkworm : Saree of Silk :: Cobra: ?
(a) Poisonous
(b) Poison
(c) Death
(d) Fear

19. LxM : 12×13, then UxW:?
(a) 21×31
(b) 21×22
(c) 21x 23
(d) 21×25

20. a: One:: f:?
(a) Character
(b) Failure
(c) E
(d) Six

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Directions (21-23): Select the odd number/ letter / word/ number-pair from the given alternatives.

21. (a) Illusion (b) Mirage (c) Identity (d) Lust

22. (a)Mercury (b)Moon (c) Jupiter (d) Saturn

23. (a) 135,123 (b) 123, 111 (c) 111, 100 (d) 100, 88.

24. There are two words to the left of sign (::) and one word and a question-mark (?) to the right of the sign (: :). Select the appropriate word from the given alternatives to complete the Analogy
Shoes : Leather :: Shirt: ?
(a) Cloth
(b) Thread
(c) Tailor
(d) Cotton

25. There are two words to the left of sign (::) and one word and & question-mark (?) to the right of the sign (: :). Select the appropriate word from the given alternatives to complete the Analogy
Germs: Disease :: War: ?
(a) Army
(b) Defeat
(c) Arms
(d) Destruction

Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers for Accounts Clerk cum Typist

Here, we are providing the links for the RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers PDFs. Interested applicants can click the link to download the Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk cum Typist Solved Question Papers. With the practice of these Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk cum Typist Old Papers, you will get incredible knowledge of the topics.

The RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist Exam should contain the Multiple Choice Questions from different subjects. The Model Asked Questions will are given below along with the Answers. Download and refer the Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk cum Typist Last 10 Years Question Papers.

26. The area of a rectangle is decreased by 9 sq. metre if its length decreases by 5 metre and breadth increases by 3 metre. If its length and breadth are increased by 3 m and 2m each respectively, its area increases by 67 sq. metre. The length of rectangle is
(a) 9m
(b) 15.6m
(c) 17m
(d) 185m

27. If a feast of 100 persons, 50 persons like fish, 60 persons like chicken and 10 people like neither fish nor chicken. Find the number of persons who like fish and chicken both.
(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 40
(d) 10

28. Average marks obtained by 120 students is 35. If | the average marks obtained by successful students is 39 and that by unsuccessful students is 15, then the number of successful students in that examination is
(a) 100
(b) 110
(c) 120
(d) 80

29. There are two examination halls P and Q. If 10 students are sent from P to Q, the number of students in both the halls is same. If 20 students are sent from Q to P, the number of students in P become twice the number of students in Q. The number of students in P and Q respectively is:
(a) 60,40
(b) 70,50
(c) 80,60
(d) 100,80

30. A two-digit number is k times the sum of digits. The number formed by reversing the order of digits is how many times the sum of the digits?
(a) 9+k
(b) 10+k
(c) 11-k
(d) k-1

31. If in a school, 10% of the boys are equal to ¼ th of the number of girls. The ratio between the number of boys and girls in that school is
(a) 3:2
(b) 5:2
(c) 2:1
(d) 4:3

32. In what time will a 180 metre long train running at 72 kmph cross a 120 metre long train running at 108 kmph in the opposite direction?
(a) 24 seconds
(b) 12 seconds
(c) 6 seconds
(d) 30 seconds

33. Vinod bought a Maruti Van in Rs. 1,96,000. The rate of its depreciation is 14.3%. What will be its price in 2 years?
(a) Rs. 1,44,000
(b) Rs. 1,40,000
(c) Rs. 1,68,000
(d) Rs. 1,70,000

34. Neeta gains 10% when she sells an article for Rs. 220. To gain 30%, she should sell it for
(a) Rs.220
(b) Rs.230
(c) Rs.260
(d) Rs 280

35. A seller sold ¼ th of his articles at a profit of 24% and remaining part at the cost price. His total gain per cent was
(a) 15
(b) 18
(c) 24
(d) 32

36. In an office there are 40% female employees. Out of them 40% of females and 60% of males voted for me. What was the percentage of my votes?
(a) 24
(b) 42
(c) 50
(d) 52

37. The price of an article costing Rs. 100 is increased first by 10% and then increased again by 10%. The total increase in the cost is
(a) 20
(b) 21
(c) 110
(d) 121

38. A man reaches his office 6 minutes late at 10 kmph. When he increases his speed by 2 kmph, he reaches the office 6 minutes earlier. What is the distance between the starting point and the office?
(a) 6km
(b) 7km
(c) 12km
(d) 16km

39. Two stations A and B are 100 km apart. Two trains start simultaneously from stations A and B. the train starting from A runs at 50 kmph and that from B at 75 kmph. At what distance from A will both cross each other?
(a) 40 km
(b) 20 km
(c) 30 km
(d) None of these

40. Ten men can complete a wall in 8 days. To complete this work in 5 day, how many men are required?
(a) 80
(b) 100
(c) 120
(d) 160

41. A 150 metre long train running at 90 kmph crosses a bridge in 26 seconds. The length of bridge is
(a) 500m
(b) 600m
(c) 650m
(d) 550m

42. \frac { 8.73x8.73x8.73\quad +\quad 4.27x4.27x4.27 }{ 8.73x8.73\quad -\quad 8.73x4.27\quad +\quad 4.27x4.27 }
(a) 11
(b) 13
(c) 11/7
(d) None of these

43. The average marks of 30 students in a class is 45. While checking two errors were noticed. After correction, one student got 45 marks more and other 15 marks less. What is the corrected mean.
(a) 45
(b) 44
(c) 47
(d) 46

44. In 1960 a business man started his business with Rs. 25000. At the end of 1965 and 1970 he spends Rs. 5000 each. His total amount doubles in every five years. His amount in 1980 will be
(a) Rs. 7000
(b) Rs. 1,40,000
(c) Rs. 2,40,000
(d) Rs. 2,80,000

45. If HCF of a, b is 12 and a, b are positive integers and a>b> 12, then the minimum values of (a, b) are
(a) 12,24
(b) 24,12
(c) 34,36
(d) 36,24

46. A and B can do a work in 6 and 12 days respectively. They together will complete the work in
(a) 9 days
(b) 18 days
(c) 6 days
(d) 4 days

47. 100 x 10 — 100 + 2000 + 100 =?
(a) 29
(b) 920
(c) 980
(d) 1000

48. A man gave ¼ th of his property to his daughter, of that to his sons and donated 1/5 th of the whole property. What part of his property did he give?
(a) 1/20
(b) 19/20
(c) 1/10
(d) 9/10

49. The ratio of the length and perimeter of a rectangle is 3: 18. Then, find the ratio of the length and breadth.
(a) 4:3
(b) 3:5
(c) 5:4
(d) 4:7

50. Find the number that is to be added to each of 7,16,16, 43 and 88 to make them proportional.
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 1

51. The marked price of a dining table is Rs. 6,000. It was Sold to a customer for Rs. 5500. Find the rate of discount.
(a) 10%
(b) 8.3 %
(c) 8%
(d) 9%

52. When 3.3 m/sec is expressed into kmph(approximate), it will be
(a) 8
(b) 9
(c) 10
(d) 12

53. Find the principal that fetches Rs. 410 as compound interest in two years at the rate of 5% per annum.
(a) Rs. 4,000
(b) Rs. 42,000
(c) Rs. 8,000
(d) Rs. 21,000

54. Five years ago, the average age of P and Q was 15 years. Average age of P, Q and R now is 20 years. After ten years, the age of R will be
(a) 35 years
(b) 40 years
(c) 30 years
(d) 50 years

55. The exterior angle of a regular polygon is 7(b) Find the sum of all its interior angles.
(a) 360°
(b) 480°
(c) 520°
(d) 540°

RRB NTPC General Awareness Question Papers

In this page, you can find the Railway Recruitment Board Old Question Papers of Accounts Clerk cum Typist. These Previous Papers will be helpful for the applicants of Railway Recruitment Board Jobs. The candidates can start preparing for the written test after downloading the Last 5 Years Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk cum Typist Exam Papers.

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These RRB NTPC Accounts Clerk cum Typist General Awareness Sample Question Papers help the applicants to identify the exam difficulty level, asked questions & answers etc.

56. The Central Government is planning to amend the Atomic Energy Act for the aquisition of land for the nuclear plant at
(a) Jaitapur
(b) Udupai
(c) Kudankulam
(d) Narora

57. Who among the following won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon this year (2012)?
(a) Roger Federer
(b) Rafael Nadal
(c) Andy Roddick
(d) None of these

58. Oblapuram which was in news recently is located at
(a) On the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
(b) Odisha
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Kerala

59. Who among the following won the silver medal in the shooting at recently concluded London Olympic Games?
(a) Gagan Narang
(b) Vijay Kumar
(c) Abhinav Bindra
(d) Jaspal Rana

60. The leading producer of cement in India is
(a) Rajasthan
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Bihar
(d) None of these

61. The headquarters of South Western Railways is at
(a) Bengaluru
(b) Hubli
(c) Belgaum
(d) Secunderabad

62. Light year is
(a) The distance between the Earth and the Sun
(b) The distance covered by light in one year
(c) The average distance between the Earth and the moon
(d) None of these

63. In which of the following countries there has largest population of livestock?
(a) India
(b) China
(c) USA
(d) Denmark

64. Who among the following was/were elected President for two consecutive terms?
(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(b) Dr. S Radhakrishnan
(c) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(d) Both (1) and(2)

65. Which of the following was a Fundamental Right but now it is only a legal right?
(a) Right to Freedom
(b) Right to Property
(c) Right against Exploitation
(d) Right to Freedom of Religion

66. Which of the following countries topped in terms of foreign direct investment in India during the last ten years?
(a) USA
(b) United Kingdom
(c) China
(d) Japan

67. What is the full form of PAN of PAN Card related to Income tax?
(a) Permanent Account Number
(b) Payment Account Number
(c) Passbook Account Number
(d) None of these

68. How many types of emergency are mentioned in the Constitution of India?
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Four

69. The country which co-hosted the World Cup cricket and won the title, is
(a) England
(b) West Indies
(c) Australia
(d) Sri Lanka

70. Which of the following is/are considered as commercial crops?
(a) Coffee
(b) Tea
(c) Rubber
(d) All of the above

71. The first recipient of Bharat Ratna was
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Govind Ballabh Pant
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) CV Raman

72. Nongkrem is popular dance of
(a) Khasi
(b) Garo
(c) Jaintia
(d) Naga

73. Who among the following wrote ‘Natya Sastra’ which is a treatise on Hindustani Classical dance?
(a) Bharat Muni
(b) Panini
(c) Narad Muni
(d) Bhartihari

74. The largest sweet water lake in the world is
(a) Lake Superior
(b) Lake Victoria
(c) High Aswan
(d) None of these

75. An error in computer programme is called
(a) Bug
(b) Bit
(c) Virus
(d) None of these

76. An adult human skeleton is based on
(a) 204 bones
(b) 206 bones
(c) 208 bones
(d) 214 bones

77. If there were no atmosphere the sky would appear
(a) Black
(b) White
(c) Blue
(d) Starry

78. The metal used in storage battery is
(a) Iron
(b) Copper
(c) Zinc
(d) Nickel

79. Who among the following is not appointed by the President?
(a) Chief Justice and Judges of High Courts
(b) Governor of State
(c) Chief Justice and Judges of Supreme Court
(d) Vice President

80. Ministers as a Council of Ministers are responsible to
(a) Lok Sabha
(b) Rajya Sabha
(c) Prime Minister
(d) President

81. AGMARK is
(a) A cooperative of egg producers
(b) organised grain market
(c) A cooperative of farmers
(d) Seal of assured quality for items of use such as eggs, ghee etc

82. Indian Institute of Science is located at
(a) New Delhi
(b) Chennai
(c) Kharagpur
(d) Bengaluru

83. Who among the following is the author of the famous book titled ‘Imagining India-Ideas for the New Century’?
(a) Chetan Bhagat
(b) NR Narayana Murthy
(c) Nandan Nilekani
(d) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

84. In Rajasthan we may find at most
(a) Camels
(b) Heat
(c) sand
(d) wind

85. Who among the following first started Narmada Bachao Campaign in 1989?
(a) Baba Amte
(b) Medha Patekar
(c) Madhu Kamekar
(d) Madhu Kodse

86. Who among the following is referred to as Loknayak?
(a) Jayaprakash Narayan
(b) AG Tikari
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Jawaharlal Nehru

87. Who brought Ashokan Pillar to Delhi?
(a) Qutubuddin Aibak
(b) Muhammad bin Tughlaq
(c) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
(d) Mohammad Kasim

88. FIFA World Cup Football will be organised in
(a) Argentina, 2013
(b) Brazil, 2013
(c) London, 2013
(d) Mexico, 2013

89. Which of the following lakes is the oldest in the world and it is the deepest fresh water lake?
(a) Lake Titikaka
(b) Lake Baikal
(c) Lake Chilka
(d) Lake Superior

90. The type of inflorescence in Sunflower is
(a) Spike
(b) Capitulum
(c) Bunch
(d) Spadix

91. Moulting in insects is mainly controlled by
(a) Parahormone
(b) Parathorme
(c) Ecdysone
(d) Ecotone

92. Epi-centre is related to
(a) Earthquake
(b) Folding
(c) Interior of Earth
(d) Faulting

93. The National Fruit of India is
(a) Jackfruit
(b) Apple
(c) Mango
(d) Banana

94. Which of the following-languages is spoken by maximum number of people in the world?
(a) Chinese
(b) Spanish
(c) Urdu
(d) English

95. Tulasi das wrote
(a) Ramacharitamanas
(b) Adi Granth
(c) Sursagar
(d) Bhagavat Puran

96. The study of coins is called
(a) Archaeology
(b) Historiography
(c) Numismatics
(d) Epigraphy

97. Dry ice is
(a) Dust of ice
(b) Liquefied nitrogen
(c) Liquefied H2
(d) Solid CO2

98. Nayanar was related to
(a) Vaishnava Cult
(b) Shaiva Cult
(c) Jaina Cult
(d) Bhagavat Cult

99. The Sufi Saint who was associated with the Mughal Emperor Akbar
(a) Sheikh Moinuddin Chisti
(b) Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya
(c) Sheikh Salim Chisti
(d) Sheikh Farid

100. Who among the following established a separate department called Diwan-i-Khairat?
(a) Akbar
(b) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
(c) Firoz Shah Tughlaqg
(d) Shersha