RRB NTPC Senior Time Keeper Previous Year Question Papers

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RRB NTPC Senior Time Keeper Previous Year Question Papers

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Senior Time Keeper Model Question Papers from Previous Year

Directions (Q 1 to 4): Which figure from answer figures will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?

Senior Time Keeper Model Question


Senior Time Keeper Sample Papers


Senior Time Keeper Old Papers


Senior Time Keeper Mock Test

5. In a certain language, POPULAR Is coded as QPQVMBS, which word has the code GBNPVT?

6. In a certain language, REFRIGERATOR is coded as ROTAREGIRFER, which word would be coded as NOITINUMMA?

7. If in a certain language CHARCOAL is coded as 45164913 and MORALE is coded as 296137, how is the word ALLOCHRE coded in, that language?
(a) 19943785
(b) 13394567
(c) 16693895
(d) 13396875

8. The chairman of the selection committee came 10 minutes before 12.30 pm in the interview room. He carne 20 minutes earlier than other members who came 30 minutes late. What was the scheduled time of interview?
(a) 12.10 pm
(b) 12.20 pm
(c) 12.30 pm
(d) 12.40 pm

9. Ramu is 48 years old. Robin is 6 years younger than Ramu and 14 years older than Rohit. Krishna, the youngest sister of Rohit is 15 years younger than Rohit. The age of Krishna is:
(a) 13 years
(b) 15 years
(c) 14 years
(d) 12 years

Directions (Q. 10 to 12): In each of the following letter series some of the letters are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternative below. Choose the correct alternative.
10. _aba_ba_ab
(a) Abbba
(b) abbab
(c) baabb
(d) bbaba

11. _bbca_beca_ ac_a_cb
(a) abcba
(b) acbab
(c) bacab
(d) bcaab

12. c_baa_aca_ cacab_acac_bca
(a) acbaa
(b) bbcaa
(c) bccab
(d) cbaac

Directions (Q. 13 and 14): What will come in place of the question mark (2) in the following questions?
13. Melt: Liquid: : Freeze 😕
(a) Ice
(b) Condense
(c) Solid
(d) Force

14. Eye: Myopia: : Teeth : ?
(a) Pyorrhoea
(b) Cataract
(c) Trachoma
(d) Eczema

15. Find the number of cubes in the following figure

Senior Time Keeper Practice Set

(a) 8
(b) 10
(c) 12
(d) 14

Directions (Q. 16 to 20) : What will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?
16. 144, 121, 100, 81, ?
(a) 75
(b) 65
(c) 70
(d) 64

17. AE, FJ, KO, ?
(a) PT
(b) PU
(c) PV
(d) PF

18. 4, -8, 16, -32, 64, ?
(a) -192
(b) 192
(c) -128
(d) 128

(a) PAQM
(b) LPWA
(c) QNLA
(d) WKPA

20. Rocket: Fuel :: ?
(a) Man: Energy
(b) Machine : Oil
(c) Current: Electricity
(d) River: Water

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21. Choose the best alternative for the answer. A newspaper certainly has
(a) Advertisement
(b) Paper
(c) Date
(d) news

22. Find the wrong number in the following number series:
25, 38, 49, 81, 121, 169, 225
(a) 225
(b) 169
(c) 49
(d) 36

23. A General of army wants to form a solid square from 36562 armies. After arrangement, he found some armies left. How many armies were left?
(a) 97
(b) 36
(c) 65
(d) 81

24. The S.I. of Rs 600 for 4 years and that of Rs 600 for 2 years together is Rs 180. What is the rate of interest per annum?
(a) 6.25%
(b) 4%
(c) 5%
(d) 5.5%

25. Ram, Shyam and Kamal together started a business in partnership. The ratio of their capital is 3:4:7. If their annual profit be Rs 21000, what will be the share of Kamal in the profit?
(a) Rs. 15000
(b) Rs. 12500
(c) Rs. 1000
(d) Rs. 10500

26. The sides of a rectangle are 8 cm and 6 cm. The corners of the rectangle lie on a circle. Find the area of circle without the rectangle.
(a) 30.6 {cm}^{2}
(b) 39 {cm}^{2}
(c) 42.4 {cm}^{2}
(d) 65.3 {cm}^{2}

27. A and B take part in a 100 m race. Aruns at 5 km/h. If A starts after B runs 8 m, and wins the race by 8 seconds, the speed of B is
(a) 4.15 km/h
(b) 4.14 km/h
(c) 4.25 km/h
(d) 4.41 km/h

28. The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years at the same rate of interest of 10% per annum is Rs 42. The sum is
(a) Rs 4200
(b) Rs 42000
(c) Rs420
(d) Rs 4500

29. The ratio of the radii of two cylinders is 2: 3 and the ratio of their heights is 5: 3. The ratio of their volumes will be
(a) 9:4
(b) 4:9
(c) 20:27
(d) 27:20

30. The ratio of present ages of Mukesh and Suresh is 2:3. After 12 years, their ages will be in the ratio 11:15. The present age of Suresh will be
(a) 56 years
(b) 32 years
(c) 42 years
(d) 48 years

31. 106 x 106-94 x 94 =?
(a) 2004
(b) 2400
(c) 1904
(d) 1906

32. A trader buys some goods for Rs 150. If the overhead expenses be 12% of cost price, then at what price it be sold to earn 10%?
(a) Rs 185.80
(b) Rs 184.80
(c) Rs 187.80
(d) Rs 188.80

33. The area of a circle is 1386 m2. Find its circumference.
(a) 444m
(b) 70m
(c) 132m
(d) 19m

34. A sold a watch to B at the gain of 20% and B sold it to C at a loss of 10%. If C bought the watch for Rs. 216, at what price had A bought the watch?
(a) Rs.216
(b) Rs.100
(c) Rs.250
(d) Rs.200

35. A two-digit number is five times the sum of its digits. If 9 is added to the number, the digits inter-change. Find the sum of the digits.
(a) 11
(b) 7
(c) 6
(d) 9

36. If 12 men or 18 women can do a work in 14 days, then in how many days will 8 men and 16 women do the same work?
(a) 12 days
(b) 10 days
(c) 14 days
(d) 9 days

37. \sqrt {0.0081} =?
(a) 0.09
(b) 0.9
(c) 0.91
(d) 0.009

38. \frac {21.025}{0.025} is equal to
(a) 1.01
(b) 1001
(c) 10.1
(d) 101

39. What will be the next number in the series 766, 656, 546, …..?
(a) 446
(b) 436
(c) 456
(d) 426

40. The selling price of stables is equal to the cost price of 9 tables. The profit per cent is
(a) 12%
(b) 10%
(c) 12.5%
(d) 15%

Directions (Q. 41 to 45): Find the word which is of the same meaning (synonyms) to the given word.
41. Lenient
(a) Harsh
(b) Strict
(c) Mild
(d) Unforgiving

42. Ignore
(a) Respect
(b) Reject
(c) Regard
(d) Consider

43. Wander
(a) Loiter
(b) Steady
(c) Stop
(d) Stationary

44. Revolt
(a) Obey
(b) Loyal
(c) Rebel
(d) Submit

45. Scanty
(a) Insufficient
(b) Adequate
(c) Enough
(d) Plentiful

Directions (Q. 46 to 50): Find the word which is of the opposite meaning (antonym) to the given word.

46. Generous
(a) Kind
(b) Benevolent
(c) Hard-hearted
(d) Benignant

47. Innocence
(a) Guilt
(b) Ignorance
(c) Simplicity
(d) Harmlessness

48. Aware
(a) Ignorant
(b) Conscious
(c) Informed
(d) Abreast

49. Drowsy
(a) Sleepy
(b) Tired
(c) Lively
(d) Sluggish

50. Counsel
(a) Advice
(b) Oppose
(c) Publish
(d) Rectify

Directions (Q. 51 to 55) Each sentence has four parts P, Q, R and S. Find out the correct order of the part in each question to make a meaningful sentence.

51. Of the next election (P)/while a politician (Q)/always thinks (R)/a statesman thinks of the next generation(S).
(a) QRPS
(b) PQRS
(c) RPQS
(d) SPOR

52. has taken a number of steps (P)/for safe and comfortable journey Q)/the ministry of railways (R)/by the public (S).
(a) QSRP
(b) PSQR
(c) QPSR
(d) RPQS

53. The effect (P)/is not desirable (Q)/on children (R)/of cinema (S).
(a) PSRQ
(b) SPQR
(c) SRPQ
(d) RPQS

54. at his dispensary (P)/went to him (Q)/people of all professions (R)/for medicines and treatment (S).
(a) QPRS
(b) RPQS
(c) RQSP
(d) QRPS

55. he not only (P)/made others do so (Q)/but also helped (R)/the needy himself (S).
(a) SPQR
(b) PSRQ
(c) QPRS
(d) PORS

Directions (Q. 56 to 60): Fillup the blanks with the most suitable word.

56. Gandhiji had —–unique weapon to protest called the satyagraha
(a) an
(b) many
(c) a
(d) most

57. I cannot—–meaning of the sentence.
(a) make
(b) make up
(c) make for
(d) make out

58. He was complaining—–severe chest pain.
(a) against
(b) with
(c) of
(d) form

59. The proud king turned a deaf ear to the—–of his ministers.
(a) advises
(b) advice
(c) advisor
(d) advices

60. I had a glass of lemon juice to——my thirst.
(a) stop
(b) prevent
(c) quench
(d) finish

61. Who composed Ain-e-Akbari?
(a) Farista
(b) Ibn Batuta
(c) Abul Fazal
(d) Birbal

62. Who introduced the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’?
(a) Dalhousie
(b) Canning
(c) Rippon
(d) Lytton

63. Who permitted the English to establish first factory in India?
(a) Akbar
(b) Jahangir
(c) Shahjahan
(d) Aurangzeb

64. The word Buddha means
(a) A winner
(b) A preacher
(c) An enlightened
(d) A traveller

65. Who determined the boundary between India and Pakistan?
(a) Lord Mountbaten
(b) Sir Radcliff
(c) Sir Cripps
(d) Laurence

66. When did the British Government annul the partition of Bengal?
(a) 1919
(b) 1917
(c) 1914
(d) 1911

67. Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the framers of the Indian constitution?
(a) JB Kriplani
(b) Rajendra Prasad
(c) JL Nehru
(d) BR Ambedkar

68. Who gave the most effective slogan ‘Do or Die’ during Quit India Movement?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) JL Nehru
(c) Bal Gangatihar Tilak
(d) Subhash Chandra Bose

69. Where will the Olympics 2008 be held?
(a) China
(b) Greece
(c) Italy
(d) France

70. Which leading Indian software company was included in the list of Nassdac – 100 Index in December 2006?
(a) Tata Consultancy Services
(b) Satyam Computers
(c) Infosys Technologies Limited
(d) None of the above

71. The longest river of Karnataka is
(a) Krishna
(b) Cauvery
(c) Tungbhadra
(d) Godavari

72. Which city of Karnataka is growing fast in the field of information technology and software?
(a) Bhadravati
(b) Mysore
(c) Hassan
(d) Bangalore

73. Which of the following is not a tax of the Central Government?
(a) Income tax
(b) Excise duty
(c) Land revenue
(d) Corporate tax

74. Which countries are related to Palk strait?
(a) India and Sri Lanka
(b) North Korea and South Korea
(c) China and Pakistan
(d) Britain and France

75. Which of the following states is the largest in area?
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Maharashtra

76. Which of the following rivers flows to the west?
(a) Godavari
(b) Cauvry
(c) Narmada
(d) Krishna

77. Who was elected the permanent chairman of the Constituent Assembly on December 11, 1946?
(a) JL Nehru
(b) Dr Rajendra Prasad
(c) Dr BR Ambedkar
(d) KM Munst

78. First general elections were held in India during,
(a) 1949-50
(b) 1950-51
(c) 1951-52
(d) 1956-57

79. Choose the number set similar to the number set (5, 6, 22)
(a) (4, 8, 2)
(b) (3, 8, 26)
(c) (8, 9, 34)
(d) (7, 9, 48)

80. Choose the odd one out:
(a) Goat
(b) Dog
(c) Hare
(d) Cow

81. Choose the odd one out:
(a) Chair
(b) Table
(c) Bench
(d) Stool

82. Which of the following words can’t be formed by the letters of the word CARPENTER?
(a) Tar
(b) Painter
(c) Carpet
(d) Repent

83. Find the missing term. 17, 2, 34, 3, 102, 4, (…)
(a) 204
(b) 408
(c) 256
(d) 456

84. The longest dam in India is
(a) Bhakra Nangaldam
(b) Nagarjun Sagar dam
(c) Hirakund dam
(d) Kosidam

85. The jog waterfalls is situated in
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) West Bengal
(c) Karnataka
(d) Maharashtra

86. The brightest planet is
(a) Jupiter
(b) Mars
(c) Venus
(d) Mercury

87. The currency of Italy is
(a) Dollar
(b) What
(c) Pound
(d) Lira

88. The rings are found around
(a) Uranus
(b) Jupiter
(c) Mars
(d) Saturn

89. The filament of an electric bulb is made of
(a) Copper
(b) Iron
(c) Aluminium
(d) Tungestan

90. ‘Clove’ is obtained from
(a) Root
(b) Stem
(c) Bud
(d) Fruit

91. Chandra Gupta Maurya embraced Jainism in the 3rd century B.C. at
(a) Magadh
(b) Jaisalmer
(c) Shravanabelagola
(d) Pataliputra

92. Cauvery river flows through
(a) Tamil Nadu and Kerala
(b) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
(c) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
(d) Karnataka and Kerala

93. Dr. C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize in
(a) Medicine
(b) Physics
(c) Literature
(d) Chemistry

94. Gokak Falls is situated in which district?
(a) Dharwad
(b) Raichur
(c) Belagaum
(d) Bidar

95. Famous sanctuary Ranganthittu is near
(a) Bharatpur
(b) Sikanderabad
(c) Mysore
(d) Chennai

96. Belur is situated on the bank of which river?
(a) Cauvery
(b) Yegachi
(c) Yamuna
(d) None of these

97. Hampi has the ruins of which empire?
(a) Cholas
(b) Pandyas
(c) Viyaynagar
(d) Cheras

98. Vrindavan Express is run between
(a) Chennai and Tiruchi
(b) Chennai and Bangalore
(c) Chennai and Mysore
(d) Bangalore and Mysore

99. Nandi Hills are situated in the vicinity of
(a) Bangalore
(b) Mysore
(c) Hubli
(d) Chennai

100. The multi-purpose river valley project of Karnataka is
(a) Damodar
(b) Bhakra
(c) Tungbhadra
(d) Kosi