Selected Questions on Diploma Electronics Engineering

1. In a bridge rectifier circuit the rms value of input ac voltage is 10V. The PIV across each diode is
(a) 7.07V
(b) 14.14V
(c) 10V
(d) 28.28v

2. The coupling capacitor in amplifier circuits
(a) Affects dc biasing
(b) Does not affect dc biasing.
(c) Affects dc biasing to some extent
(d) Both (a) and (c)

3. A 10 bit D/A converter gives a maximum output of 10.23V. The resolution is
(a) 10 mV
(b) 20 mV
(c) 15 mV
(d) 25 mV

4. A basic S-R flip-flop can be constructed by cross-coupling which basic logic gates?
(a) AND or OR gates
(b) XOR or XNOR gates
(c) NOR or NAND gates
(d) AND or NOR gates

5. The 2’s complement of the number 1101101 is
(a) 0101110
(b) 0111110
(c) 0110010
(d) 0010011

6. Which device changes serial data to parallel data?
(a) Counter
(b) Multiplexer
(c) Demultiplexer
(d) Flip flop

7. Which memory requires periodic recharging?
(a) All ROMs
(b) All RAMs
(c) Static RAM
(d) Dynamic RAM

8. A system has its two poles on the negative real axis and one pair of poles lies on jω axis. The system is
(a) Stable
(b) Unstable
(c) marginally stable
(d) either (a) or (c)

9. Nichols chart consists of
(a) Constant magnitude loci
(b) Constant phase angle loci
(c) Magnitude and phase angle loci in log magnitude versus phase diagram
(d) None of these

10. If the transfer function of a first-order system is G(s)=10/(1+2s) , then the time constant of the system is
(a) 10 seconds
(b) 1/10 second
(c) 2 seconds
(d) 1/2 second

11. ZL = 200Ω and it is desired that Zi = 50 Ω The quarter wave transformer should have a characteristic impedance of
(a) 100 Ω
(b) 40 Ω
(c) 10000 Ω
(d) 4 Ω

12. According to maximum power transfer theorem, if the load is inductive, the source should be
(a) Inductive
(b) Capacitive
(c) Resistive
(d) All of the above

13. The self bias provides
(a) stable Q point
(b) large voltage gain
(c) high input impedance
(d) high base current

14. Consider the following statements : A clamper circuit
1. adds or subtracts a dc voltage to a waveform
2. does not change the waveform
3. amplifies the waveform
Which are correct?
(a) 1, 2
(b) 1, 3
(c) 1, 2, 3
(d) 2, 3

15. Which power amplifier can deliver maximum load power?
(a) Class A
(b) Class AB
(c) Class B
(d) Class C

16. In a push pull circuit
(a) each transistor conducts for 180°
(b) each transistor conducts for more than 180° but less than 360°
(c) each transistor conducts for less than 180°
(d) the period of conduction of each transistor depends on circuit configuration

17. An oscillator requires an amplifier
(a) with negative feedback
(b) with positive feedback
(c) with either positive or negative feedback
(d) none of these

18. A differential amplifier has a differential gain of 20,000. CMRR=80 dB. The common mode gain is given by
(a) 2
(b) 1
(c) ½
(d) 0

19. An OPAM has a slew rate of 5 V/ μS .The largest sine wave O/P voltage possible at a frequency of IMHZ is
(a) 10 volts
(b) 5 volts
(c) 15volts
(d) 5/2 volts

20. The race around condition exists in J -K FF if
(a) J=0, K=0
(b) J=l, K=0
(c) J=0, K=1
(d) J=1, K=1

21. Propagation delay should be
(a) Equal to the clock pulse
(b) Greater that the clock pulse.
(c) Smaller that the clock pulse
(d) All of the above

22. The steady state error due to a ramp input for a type two system is equal to
(a) Zero
(b) Infinite
(c) Constant
(d) Data is insufficient

23. Coulomb’s Law is a
(a) vector equation
(b) scalar equation
(c) may be (a) or (b)
(d) phasor equation

24. The direction of induced emf is given by
(a) Fleming’s right hand rule
(b) clock screw rule
(c) Fleming’s left hand rule
(d) KVL

25. The dominant mode in a waveguide is characterized by
(a) longest cutoff λ
(b) shortest cutoff λ
(c) infinite attenuation
(d) zero attenuation

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26. A biasing circuit has a stability factor of 40. If due to temperature change, ICO changes by 1 μA. Then the change in Ic will be
(a) 20 μA
(b) 40 μA
(c) 80 μA
(d) none of these

27. A buffer amplifier has a gain of
(a) Zero
(b) Unity
(c) very large
(d) infinity

28. Ripple factor of an ideal rectifier is
(a) Zero
(b) Unity
(c) Infinity
(d) none of these

29. In op-amp IC741 , output is taken from the pin number
(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 8

30. To form a half adder, which two gate combinations are essential?
(a) AND, OR
(b) AND, NOR
(c) AND, EX-OR
(d) AND, NOT

31. Which of the following is not a sequential circuit?
(a) flip-flop
(b) counter
(c) register
(d) decoder

32. In the Bode plot of a unity feedback control system, the value of phase of G(jw) at the gain crossover frequency is -125°. The phase margin is
(a) -125°
(b) – 55°
(c) 55°
(d) 125°

33. If the poles of a system lie on the imaginary axis, the system will be
(a) stable
(b) conditionally stable
(c) marginally stable
(d) unstable