TGT Home Science Questions and Answers

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TGT Home Science Questions and Answers

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Home Science Questions and Answers for TGT

1. Selection of multipurpose, folding and portable furniture is more suitable for :
(A) Privacy
(B) Less space
(C) Circulation
(D) Grouping

2. While using hand tools; the contact stress results from :
(A) Movement of hands
(B) Repetitive operations
(C) Sitting with adequate knee room
(D) Hand hammering

3. The process of developing an applicants pool for job openings in an organisation is called :
(A) Hiring
(B) Recruitment
(C) Selection
(D) Retention

4. The set of beliefs held about a particular brand is known as :
(A) Brand recognition
(B) Brand preference
(C) Brand image
(D) Brand selection

5. Periodic shedding of utrine lining discharge of blood and mucus from uterus refers to :
(A) Menstruation
(B) Menarche
(C) Ovulation
(D) Moment

6. Bronfenbrenner ecological model :
(A) States that human being must respect environment and cutpollution
(B) Has been superseded by life force theory
(C) Argues that the individual and their environment form integrated system which developed together
(D) Denies genetic influence on development

7. Infant’s reflex to clear throat :
(A) Moro reflex
(B) Sucking reflex
(C) Gag reflex
(D) Rooting reflex

8. Long, complex babbles that sound identical in intonation to adult speech :
(A) Lallation stage
(B) Shortened lallation stage
(C) Expressive jargon state
(D) Consonant cooling stage

9. Infants, toddlers and young children are called in a safe and stimulating environment in absence of parents is called :
(A) Nursery school
(B) Montessori school
(C) Kindergarten
(D) Creche

10. Vijay is first grade student with Spina bifida. Which of the assistive devices would Vijay belief from most :
(A) Hearing aids
(B) Braille writer
(C) A word processor
(D) Leg braces

11. When sexual exploitation happens online, young boys and girls may forced to do except one of the following :
(A) Being physically involved
(B) Send or post sexually explicit images of themselves
(C) Take part in sexual activities via a web-cam or smart phone
(D) Have sexual conversation by text or online

12. Virtue attached to Erikson’s fourth stage Industry Vs. Inferiority :
(A) Love
(B) Wisdom
(C) Competency
(D) Hope

13. Which statement about adolescents is accurate ?
(A) Adolescence is a social construct
(B) The concept of adolescence has existed throughout human history
(C) The concept of period of adolescence exists in few societies today
(D) Adolescence is generally considered the beginning of puberty

14. Cluttered nest involves :
(A) Life is empty
(B) Life is to be celebrated
(C) The time after the children have grown up and come back home again to depend on parents
(D) There is no meaning to life

15. The residence when a married couple lives with or near the father is :
(A) Neo-local
(B) Matrilocal
(C) Avunculocal
(D) Patrilocal

16. Surrogacy bill currently proposes the following out of them which statement is not true ?
(A) It bans commercial renting of womb
(B) Legally married Indian couples will be barred from opting for surrogacy
(C) It allows altruistic surrogacy
(D) Only a close relative can become a surrogate for medically proven infertile couples

17. Research on grandparents shows that :
(A) Grandparents are often the primary source of the nonparental care of young children
(B) About 30% of middle age become grandparents
(C) The average age of becoming grandparents in western societies is about 70 years
(D) Most of the grandparents have indirect influence on their grandchildren behaviour

18. Traditional family structure comprises of :
(A) Married or unmarried teenage parents raising their children
(B) Married couples raising children from previous marriages
(C) Single individual raising foster children
(D) A married couple living with their biological children

19. A single parent family may result from all except :
(A) Separation
(B) Matrimony
(C) Divorce
(D) Death

20. Marriage is considered to be necessary because :
(A) This is only way to acquire paternal property
(B) This provides societal sanction
(C) This is the only way of sexual gratification
(D) It is regularised and provides societally sanctioned sex gratification and family

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21. The relationship between body and mind :
(A) is interactive and complex
(B) does not exist
(C) is unrelated
(D) is imaginary

22. Which family reaction to accepting disability is inappropriate ?
(A) Denial
(B) Projection of blame
(C) Indifferent
(D) Rejection

23. Vertical and curriculum centred approach is seen in :
(A) Non-formal education
(B) Informal education
(C) Formal education
(D) Adult education

24. Puppet, Drama, Television, Cinema are the examples of :
(A) Audio aids
(B) Visual aids
(C) Audio-Visual aids
(D) Graphic aids

25. The main objective of ‘‘Education for all’’ is :
(A) To promote to learning society
(B) To promote for economic development
(C) To promote health facilities
(D) To promote child education

26. The following is the principle of extension education :
(A) Whole family approach
(B) Technology approach
(C) Organization approach
(D) Community approach

27. An out of school system of education for Rural women :
(A) Management
(B) Participation
(C) Extension
(D) Communication

28. Non-formal education is ……………… centered.
(A) Reader
(B) Youth
(C) Learner
(D) Gender

29. Overhead projector uses the principle of ……………….. .
(A) Direct projection
(B) Indirect projection
(C) Projection
(D) Digital projection

30. Informal education is accidental type of education learning, which happens by chance at :
(A) Lecture
(B) Classroom
(C) Examination Hall
(D) Place of Work

31. A person who organises and runs a business enterprise to make profit is called as :
(A) Seller
(B) An entrepreneur
(C) A merchant
(D) A businessman

32. ‘‘SGSY’’ is a programme for promotion of :
(A) Infrastructure
(B) Wage employment
(C) Community development
(D) Self-employment

33. SITE stands for :
(A) Satellite Information Television Expansion
(B) Satellite Information Television Extension
(C) Satellite Information Television Experiment
(D) Satellite Information Television Entertainment

34. A story can be made into a news cohen :
(A) The story is about a celebrity
(B) The story is from balanced sources
(C) The story is on a topic of public interest
(D) The story has quotes

35. The basic purpose of Panchayati Rajya is :
(A) To collect taxes directly
(B) To provide employment to rural people
(C) Democratic decentralization
(D) To provide law and order

36. Non-formal education aims at :
(A) Skill based and socially useful learning
(B) Theory and practical learning
(C) Academic learning
(D) Distance learning

37. A method of contacting people at a large scale at a time :
(A) Farm and Home Visit
(B) Demonstration
(C) Personal Letter
(D) Campaign

38. Which of the following is not a projective technique ?
(A) Model
(B) Photograph
(C) Slide
(D) Film

39. Community Development Programme started on :
(A) 2nd October, 1950
(B) 23rd March, 1950
(C) 2nd October, 1952
(D) 2nd October, 1964

40. Which of the following is not a type of evaluation in an extension programe ?
(A) Self-evaluation
(B) Internal Evaluation
(C) External Evaluation
(D) Scientific Evaluation

41. Plagiarism means :
(A) Making a pledge
(B) Making an abstract
(C) Using others ideas as your own
(D) Making acknowledgements

42. Two variables are said to be correlated :
(A) The change in one variable results in a corresponding change in other variable
(B) The change of the variables is in the opposite directions
(C) The two variables are similar in nature
(D) The two variables are dissimilar in nature

43. The demerit of questionnaire method is :
(A) Low rate of filled questionnaire
(B) No control once sent
(C) Respondents remain unknown
(D) True representation of population

44. The advantage of closed-ended questions is :
(A) Rules out marginal or unexpected answers
(B) Reduces coding errors
(C) May not cover total range of responses
(D) May take more time for analysis

45. What is the clinical method used by Jean Piaget in his research ?
(A) Standardized Questionnaire
(B) Observation of children in a psychiatric clinic
(C) A case study of individual child
(D) An open ended questionnaire

46. What are two types of node NVIVO ?
(A) Seed node and weed node
(B) Shrub node and grub node
(C) Flower node and power node
(D) Tree node and free node

47. Controlled Group is a term used in :
(A) Survey research
(B) Historical research
(C) Experimental research
(D) Descriptive research

48. A correlation coefficient of zero indicates :
(A) Non-existent relationship
(B) Existent relationship
(C) Neutral relationship
(D) Direct relationship

49. Informed consent of participants is obtained before initiation of research to meet :
(A) Psychological needs
(B) Ethical standards
(C) Standards required in research results
(D) Guidelines for sampling

50. Which of the following is a type of hypothesis ?
(A) Zero hypothesis
(B) Absolute hypothesis
(C) Abstract hypothesis
(D) Null hypothesis