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Typical Questions on Basic Computer

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Basic Computer Typical Questions

1. Which of the following HTML tag is used to define clickable area in an image map?
(a) <img>
(b) <map>
(c) <click>
(d) <area>

2. Which tag is used to divide the HTML document into the paragraphs?
(a) para
(b) p
(c) paragraph
(d) par

3. In HTML we have ___________ type of heading tags.
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 5
(d) 4

4. Link URL in HTML is specified using ___________ attribute.
(a) link
(b) href
(c) rel
(d) src

5. A linked page using anchor tag is normally displayed in the ___________.
(a) Current Window
(b) New Window
(c) New Tab
(d) None of these

6. HTTP uses a TCP connection to –
(a) Establishment of servers connection
(b) Transfer whole database
(c) Client server connections
(d) Transfer files

7. In a URL, the ___________ is the client-server program used to retrieve the document.
(a) path
(b) protocol
(c) host
(d) none of the above

8. A cookie is made by the ___________ and eaten by the ___________.
(a) client; client
(b) client; server
(c) server; server
(d) none of the above

9. HTTP uses the services of ___________ on well-known port 80.
(a) UDP
(b) IP
(c) TCP
(d) none of the above

10. In HTTP, a ___________ server is a computer that keeps copies of responses to recent requests.
(a) regular
(b) proxy
(c) both a and b
(d) none of the above

11. The HTTP request line contains a ___________ method to request a document from the server.
(a) GET
(b) POST
(c) COPY
(d) none of the above

12. JavaScript is designed for following purpose:
(a) To Execute Query Related to DB on Server
(b) To Style HTML Pages
(c) To add interactivity to HTML Pages
(d) To Perform Server Side Scripting Operation

13. Why JavaScript is called as Lightweight Programming Language?
(a) because JS can provide programming functionality inside but up to certain extend.
(b) because JS is available free of cost.
(c) because JS is client side scripting.
(d) because we can add programming functionality inside JS.

14. Which file controls how your frames will appear?
(a) Frameset
(b) Master Document
(c) Template
(d) Timeline

15. Which of the following generation is based on VLSI microprocessor?
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

16. Batch processing was mainly used in which generation.
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

17. Which electronic components are used in fifth generation computers?
(a) Transistors
(b) Integrated Circuits
(c) VLSI Microprocessor
(d) ULSI Microprocessor

18. The output of ALU operations is stored in
(a) Memory Devices
(b) Registers
(c) Flags
(d) Output Unit

19. Data is distributed throughout the computer system in the following order:
(a) Output, Processing, Input, Memory, Storage
(b) Memory, Input, Processing, Storage
(c) Input, Processing, Memory, Storage, Output
(d) Both (a) & (b)

20. What is the name of non-volatile chip that stores the date, time and system configuration?
(a) RAM
(b) CMOS
(c) JFET
(d) FET

21. In magnetic disks data is organized on the platter in a concentric sets or rings called
(a) Sector
(b) Track
(c) Head
(d) block

22. Which common bus specification provides the fastest data transfer rate?
(a) VL bus
(b) ISA
(c) PCI
(d) All of these

23. The bus used to connect the monitor to the CPU is
(a) PCI bus
(b) SCSI bus
(c) Memory bus
(d) Rambus

24. Built-in set of machine code instructions of computer are called:
(a) instruction set
(b) transfer of data
(c) logical operations
(d) logical set

25. Hexadecimal number system has:
(a) is a numeral system made up of 8 symbols.
(b) is a numeral system made up of 16 symbols.
(c) is a numeral system made up of 32 symbols.
(d) is a numeral system made up of 64 symbols.

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26. Which category of microprocessor instructions detect the status conditions in registers and accordingly exhibit the variations in program sequence on the basis of detected results?
(a) Transfer Instructions
(b) Operation Instructions
(c) Control Instructions
(d) All of these

27. _________ is a specific type of memory that can be erased anytime:
(a) BROM
(b) DROM
(d) EROM

28. Type of ROM which is manufactured without having any initial storage in it is termed as
(a) PROM
(b) EROM
(c) BROM
(d) DROM

29. Optical storage can be defined as:
(a) any storage method that uses a laser to store and retrieve data from optical media
(b) any storage method which uses optical cable
(c) a method which uses electromagnetic signal
(d) None of these

30. Status register is also called as
(a) Accumulator
(b) Stack
(c) Counter
(d) Flags

31. _________ is a special very high-speed memory and is used to speed up and synchronizing with high-speed CPU.
(a) Cache memory
(b) RAM
(c) Disk memory

32. _________ contains not only processing unit but small amount of memory (ROM, RAM etc.).
(a) Microprocessor
(b) Microcontroller
(c) Nanometer
(d) Unicontroller

33. Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?
(b) ROM
(c) Static RAM
(d) Dynamic RAM

34. The first phase in SDLC is
(a) Feasibility analysis
(b) Requirement gathering
(c) Design
(d) Coding

35. The tools that support different stages of software development life cycle are called as
(a) CASE Tools
(b) CAME tools
(c) CAQE tools
(d) CARE tools

36. In the classical waterfall model during which phase is the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document produced?
(a) Design
(b) Maintenance
(c) Requirements analysis and specification
(d) Coding

37. Among development phases of software life cycle, which phase typically consumes the maximum effort?
(a) Requirements analysis and specification
(b) Design
(c) Coding
(d) Testing

38. What is a software prototype?
(a) Toy implementation of the system
(b) Relates to Database
(c) Final system after testing
(d) System of coding

39. A machine language instruction format consists of
(a) Operand field
(b) Operation code field
(c) Operation code field and operand field
(d) None of the above

40. Difference between printf and sprintf functions in C.
(a) Printf function is used to print character stream of data and sprinf function is used to print string both on stdout console.
(b) Printf function is used to print character stream of data on stdout console and sprinf function is used to store a string on char buffer which are specified in sprint argument.
(c) Printf is used to print string and sprintf is used to write to a file.
(d) None of the above.

41. Consider the following program in C:
void main()
int i;
How many times for statement gets executed?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

42. Identify unction prototype from the following:
(a) int add(int a,int b);
(b) int add(int a,int b)
(c) int add(int a,int b=0)
(d) None of these

43. Polymorphism refers to:
(a) The ability to take more than one form
(b) The ability of inheritance
(c) The ability of data hiding
(d) All of these

44. The main objective of inheritance in the context of OOP is:
(a) Reusability
(b) Recoverability
(c) Data abstraction
(d) Security

45. A specialized computer that typically has more power and features than a standard desktop PC, is known as
(a) play station
(b) work place
(c) groupware
(d) workstation

46. Popular type of handheld computer is:
(a) smart phone
(b) personal digital assistant (PDA)
(c) DSLR
(d) Laptop

47. Which of the following is not an operating system?
(a) Windows 10
(b) Windows 7
(c) UNIX
(d) SQL

48. In _________ mode, only system required software programs are loaded upon start.
(a) Safe
(b) Care
(c) Administrator
(d) Privacy

49. Which file system is most secure?
(a) FAT16
(b) FAT32
(c) NTFS
(d) HFS

50. CHKDSK command is used to
(a) Analyze the hard disk error
(b) Diagnose the hard disk error
(c) Report the status of files on disk
(d) All of these