US History Quiz

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US History Quiz

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Quiz on US History

1. In which year George Washington became the first American President?
(A) 1780
(B) 1786
(C) 1789
(D) 1790

2. Independent Day was first established as a Holiday by congress in the year
(A) 1870
(B) 1871
(C) 1872
(D) 1873

3. When did Texas become a state?
(A) 1814
(B) 1843
(C) 1845
(D) 1846

4. Who was a first President to live in the White House?
(A) George Washington
(B) John Adams
(C) Jefferson
(D) Jackson

5. Which European language was first use in the U.S?
(A) Spanish
(B) French
(C) English
(D) Dutch

6. What is the name of the first American constitution?
(A) Article of Confederation
(B) The Philedellphia Amendment
(C) The free American Constitution
(D) Unified Colorial Articles

7. The Judiciary Act of 1789 specified that the supreme court shall consist of
(A) 3 Judge
(B) 4 Judge
(C) 5 Judge
(D) 6 Judge

8. Who among the American presidents was given the nick name “Sharp Knife” by the Indian?
(A) Andrew Jackson
(B) Madison
(C) Jefferson
(D) Monroe

9. What was one reason James k. Polk won the Presidential election of 1849?
(A) He was removing American Indians from their native land
(B) He was committed to fulfilling the goals of manifest destiny
(C) He passed the extension of slavery west of the Mississippi River
(D) He was backup by American settlers of Texas

10. Which of these was a goal shared by advocates of manifest destiny?
(A) Occupying all of the North American
(B) Withdrawing from foreign affair
(C) Returning to a aggression economic
(D) occupation of the land below the Rio Grande River

11. What was the idea called that “GOD” wanted America to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean?
(A) westward Expansion
(B) Stretchy time
(C) manifest Destiny
(D) Monroe Doctrine

12. The compromise of 1850 allowed certain territories to use popular sovereignty to determines whether the tertiary would be free or slave. this decision applied to much of the land gained from the
(A) War of 1812
(B) U.S Mexican war
(C) civil war
(D) Annexation of Texas

13. The economies of the new western states were very different from those of the northern states in the mid 1800’s. one major different was that western states
(A) relied on substance farming
(B) focused on mining and agriculture
(C) used natural harbours for shipping
(D) Relied on trade and agriculture

14. The U.S acquired the Oregon territory when
(A) Russia sold the land to the United State for dollar 7.2 million
(B) a treaty divided U.S and Britain claims to the land is settled
(C) Mexico sold the territory to the U.S for dollar 10 million
(D) The Mexican were defeated

15. What was the reason for the U.S to declared war against Mexico in 1846?
(A) To defend U.S territory from Mexican aggression
(B) To overturn a corrupt Mexican government
(C) To end the Mexican slave rebellion
(D) To secured Texas

16. African slavery began in north American in 1619 at
(A) New Found land
(B) Jamestown
(C) Missouri
(D) New Jersey

17. Before the compromise of 1820 there were
(A) 20 States
(B) 21 States
(C) 22 States
(D) 23 States

18. Why did the Texas annexation cause tension to take over Mexico?
(A) Many Mexicans felt that America would try to take over Mexico through Texas
(B) Mexico wanted to take over Texas
(C) Mexico was afraid of losing Texas as an ally
(D) Mexico wanted Texas for themselves

19. Which Texas President was the only President to also serve as governor in the state of Texas?
(A) Houston
(B) Jones
(C) Henry Jack
(D) McMillion

20. Which of the 13 colonies became the first to abolish slavery (1777)?
(A) Vermont
(B) Pennsylvania
(C) Virginia
(D) Delaware

21. What is the manifest destiny?
(A) American belief that it was their “God” given right to own the land from east to west from the Atlantic to pacific ocean
(B) the progress of the white Man
(C) Texas future to reach the pacific
(D) Abolition of slavery

22. The Texas was the ________ state to be annexed to the United State
(A) 28th
(B) 15th
(C) 23th
(D) 26th

23. Since Texas become a state the head of it’s executive branch would be
(A) The Prime Minister
(B) The Governor
(C) The President
(D) Senator

24. The principal of Republicanism is
(A) When people are allowed to elected their leader
(B) A political party
(C) Communism
(D) Federalism

25. Which war happened because of Texas Annexation?
(A) U.S Mexican war
(B) Civil war
(C) American Revolution
(D) The war of 1812

26. The head of the executive branch for whole country is
(A) The President
(B) the senator
(C) the king
(D) Prime Minister

27. As a state Texas shared power with the federal government this is called
(A) Federalism
(B) Socialism
(C) Sovereignty
(D) Secularism

28. When was the Missouri compromise reached?
(A) 1820
(B) 1803
(C) 1850
(D) 1985

29. Who came up with the idea of the Missouri compromise?
(A) Henry Clay
(B) Thomas Jefferson
(C) George Washington
(D) John Adams

30. At the time of Missouri compromise these were free state and slave states, where would the balance between free and slave state become unbalance if Missouri was accepted as a slave state.
(A) In the senate
(B) in the judicial branch
(C) in the house of Representative
(D) Executive Branch

31. Where was the Missouri compromise line?
(A) 36-30 degrees north in the Louisiana purchase
(B) 64-40 degrees north in the Louisiana purchase
(C) 66-60 degrees north in the Louisiana purchase
(D) 60-64 degrees north in the Louisiana purchase

32. How many votes does each state have in the Senate
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 3

33. Why did the south pro -slavery states get the worst deal in the Missouri compromise?
(A) it lost vote in the Senate
(B) there was more land below the 36-30 line
(C) it lost vote in the house of representative
(D) Lost popularity among the masses

34. Which of the following is true about Missouri compromise?
(A) it was just a temporary solution
(B) it was solve all the issues concerning about slavery in the west
(C) the Arkansas territory prohibited slavery
(D) It benefit the pro slavery states

35. Staking a claim means
(A) Taking piece of land and marking it so that you can mind on it
(B) it means revaluation
(C) it was only a temporary solution
(D) making a point

36. What year did the gold rust begin?
(A) 1848
(B) 1825
(C) 1849
(D) 1850

37. Who was an entrepreneur or business creator during the gold rust?
(A) Willian Bentick
(B) Levi Struss
(C) John Butter
(D) Carnegie

38. What were the people who searched for gold called?
(A) Gold digger
(B) 49 ers
(C) 76 ers
(D) 96 ers

39. By this , Mexico recognised the Rio Grande boundary and ceded New Mexico and California to the U.S.A
(A) Treaty of Guadalupe
(B) Treaty of San Mexico
(C) Treaty of Rio Grande
(D) Treaty of EL Paso

40. In 1859 Harper Ferry was raided by
(A) Adam Smit
(B) John Brown
(C) Jim Robert
(D) David Handsome

Quiz Trivia

41. In the beginning of the 19th century , there were only two Independent country in the new world the U.S and
(A) Brazil
(B) Mexico
(C) Italy
(D) Jamaica

42. The American President who wants to remove the Gag rule was
(A) John Adams
(B) John Quiney Adams
(C) Abraham Lincoln
(D) John Calhoun

43. Who was the first American President to operate on the principal that the people themselves should decided public policy?
(A) John Quiney Adams
(B) Adam Smith
(C) Andrew Jackson
(D) van Buran

44. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book written by a
(A) John Tuner
(B) H.B Stowe
(C) Clement smith
(D) Jessica Moore

45. The Gold rust of California began in
(A) 1848
(B) 1849
(C) 1850
(D) 1851

46. The frontier thesis of Turner is an argument advance in the year
(A) 1893
(B) 1894
(C) 1895
(D) 1896

47. Slavery was officially ended by
(A) 11th amendment
(B) 12th amendment
(C) 13th amendment
(D) 14th amendment

48. Basic need form the plain Indians was provided by the
(A) Horse
(B) Buffalo
(C) Dog
(D) Wolf

49. When the civil war began the confederacy expected?
(A) it’s armies to invade the north
(B) economic and military aid from Britain
(C) a long and difficult war of attrition
(D) that to win they would have to abandon their state right philosophy

50. Confederate batteries fired on fort Sumter when news was receive that Lincoln
(A) Ordered the front to be reinforced with federal troops
(B) ordered supply to be sent to the fort
(C) wanted federal troops to evacuate the front
(D) called the fort 75.000 volunteers to join the 4 union army

51. The emancipation proclamation promises freedom to slaves
(A) in the union border states
(B) in confederate held states and territories
(C) in union territories
(D) if they agree to stay in the south

52. When Lincoln was inaugurated as president, his primary goal was to?
(A) invade the south
(B) recapture union installation in the south that had been sized by the confederates
(C) emancipate the union
(D) preserve the union

53. The New York city draft riots were primarily a protest against
(A) the emancipation prodamation
(B) conscription
(C) Lincoln’s suspetion of the writ of hebeas corpus
(D) the temporary declaration of martial law in the city

54. Which of the following state did not secede from the Union after the firing on fort Sumter?
(A) Kentucky
(B) Tennessee
(C) Virginian
(D) Pennsylvania

55. As the civil war began the north had all of the following advantage except
(A) a large population
(B) a complex railroad network
(C) enormous industrial capabilities
(D) superior military leadership

56. During the civil war the confederacy won all the following battles except
(A) Vicksburg
(B) Fredericksburg
(C) Chancellorsville
(D) Bull run

57. Lincoln justified the Emancipation proclamation on grounds of
(A) moral imperative
(B) natural rights
(C) economic advantage
(D) military necessity

58. The fifteenth amendment was an attempt to gain ________ for African Americans
(A) land ownership
(B) the right to vote
(C) an education
(D) citizenship

59. The major American export in the middle decades of the 19th century was
(A) Timber
(B) Tobacco
(C) Wheat
(D) cotton

60. During reconstruction their opponent called Southern white Republicans
(A) Scalawags
(B) redeemers
(C) uncle Toms
(D) carpet baggers

61. The union general note for believing in the carrying out the doctrine of total war was
(A) Robert E.lee
(B) George B.Mcclellon
(C) Ulysses S.Grant
(D) Williams T Sherman

62. The first and the only President of the confederacy was
(A) Robert E.lee
(B) Jefferson Davis
(C) Alexander Hamilton Stephens
(D) Howell cobb

63. On April 9,1865 Robert E.Lee surrendered the army of the Northern Virginia to Ulysses S.Grant at
(A) Lynchburg
(B) Gettysburg
(C) Appomattox court house
(D) Richmond

64. The most obvious change in the north in the decades before the civil war was the
(A) decline of the whaling industry
(B) rapid expansion of industry
(C) halt of emigration from Europe
(D) rapid expansion of unskilled worker

65. Member of the Peace Society in the north were often called
(A) Tories
(B) Copperheads
(C) Rednecks
(D) water moccasins

66. President Lincoln viewed secession as
(A) a rejection of democracy
(B) no reason for civil war
(C) part of the right of self-determination
(D) a means for freeing the slaves

67. By 1880 about _____ percent of southern families owned slaves
(A) 10
(B) 15
(C) 25
(D) 50

68. How did Lincoln treat the Civil Right of dissenters during the civil war?
(A) He prohibited any free election during the war
(B) He made arbitrary arrest for purely political reasons
(C) He suspended the writ of habeas corpus in critical areas and applied martial law freely
(D) he did everything in his power to pressure their rights because he was devoted to individual freedom

69. In established a new government, the south
(A) Totally rejected all existing federal laws
(B) was hand capped by it’s states right philosophy
(C) fired all former federal official because of double about their loyalty
(D) ignored federal precedent and administrative machinery

70. The first major battle of the civil war on July 21,1861 was a disaster for the Union ; it was called the battle of
(A) Antietam
(B) Shiloh
(C) Sharpsburg
(D) Bull run

71. The Mississippi river was controlled by the Union after the fall of
(A) Louisville
(B) New Orleans
(C) Vicksburg
(D) Mobile

72. After the south seceded the congress pass the _____ Acts
(A) Emancipation
(B) Personal liberty
(C) Homestead
(D) Pre-Emption

73. After the Union was defeated at Bull run, Lincoln choose _______ to command the Union forces
(A) Irwin mc Dowell
(B) George B.McCellan
(C) Ulysses S.Grant
(D) Winfield Scott

74. Thaddeus Stevens, Charlies Summer and Benjamin wade were leaders of the
(A) Copperheads
(B) war democrats
(C) Radical Republicans
(D) Lincoln Republican

75. The civil war was fought to
(A) preserve the Union
(B) please the abolitionist
(C) destroyed slavery
(D) punish the south