WBPSC Assistant Horticulturist 2019 Question Papers from Previous Year

1. Yellow flowering avenue tree is
A. Delomix regia
B. Cassia alata
C. Cassia fistula
D. Lagerstroemia

2. In which of the following process, enzyme is inactivated?
A. Cannng
B. Asepsis
C. Blanching
D. Sulphitation

3. Leading fruit crop in India with respect to production is
(A) Mango
(B) Banana
(C) Citrus
(D) Papaya

4. Fag is
(A) Dioecious
(B) Monoecious
(C) Gynodioecious
(D) Andromonoecious

5. French marigold is
(A) Tripod
(B) Diploid
(C) Tetraploid
(D) Aneuploid

6. Which of the following species of orchid is temperate?
(A) Dendrobium
(B) Vanda
(C) Cymbidium
(D) Phalaenopsis

7. Vivipary is observed in _________.
(A) Guava
(B) Jackfruit
(C) Ber
(D) Beal

8. Which of the following state is the largest producer of tea in India?
(A) Assam
(B) West Bengal
(C) Karnataka
(D) Tamil Nadu

9. Which Mango variety is suitable for high density planting?
(A) Sindhu
(B) Amrapali
(C) Mallika
(D) Ambika

10. Organism Psedomonas straita is used as
(A) Suprophytes biofertilizer
(B) Phosphatous solubilizers
(C) Legume inoculants
(D) Endotrophic mycorrhizae

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11. Micro-propagation if common in multiplication of _______.
(A) Banana
(B) Orchids
(C) Strawberry
(D) All or the above

12. Seedless variety of Mango ________
(A) Mallika
(B) Safari
(C) Ratna
(D) Sindhu

13. TSS range for mature watermelon is
(A) 8-10⁰ Brix
(B) 10-12⁰ Brix
(C) 13-15⁰ Brix
(D) 6-18⁰ Brix

14. Which one of this vegetable is a deep rooted crop?
(A) Onion
(B) Potato
(C) Carrot
(D) Sweet potato

15. Bent neck is a disorder of
(A) Carnation
(B) Rose
(C) Chrysanthemum
(D) Gladiolus

16. Which of the following is commercially propagated By bulls?
(A) Gladious
(B) Lily
(C) Carnation
(D) Rose

17. Indigenous cultivar of arecanut is
(A) Mangla
(B) Sumangla
(C) Sreemangala
(D) Mohitnagar

18. Powdery mildew disease is a serious problem of which of the following crops?
(A) Onion
(B) Okra
(C) Pea
(D) Chilli

19. Annual flower suited for planting in shade is
(A) Anthurium
(B) Stock
(C) Cineraria
(D) Nasturium

20. Most commonly used vegetative propagation method in rose is
(A) Layering
(B) Cutting
(C) Budding
(D) Tissue culture

21. Yellowing of lawn gross indicates deficiency of which nutrients?
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Phosphorous
(C) Potassium
(D) Calcium

22. “Pusa Nanha” dwarf variety of Papaya is developed through ______
(A) Hybridization
(B) Mutation
(C) Selection
(D) Heterosis

23. Which is not a garden style?
(A) English
(B) American
(C) French
(D) Moghul

24. Example of stem vegetable is ______
(A) Carrot
(B) Bert
(C) Broccoli
(D) Knol-khol

25. Cultivated strawberry is ________.
(A) Diploid
(B) Octaploid
(C) Hexaploid
(D) Triploid

26. Magnesium oxide is a
(A) Oxygen absorber
(B) Carbon dioxide absorber
(C) Ethylene absorbers
(D) Both oxygen and carbon dioxide absorbers

27. In squash minimum per cent of total soluble solids should be
(A) 40
(B) 50
(C) 60
(D) 70

28. Latch is stored at low temperature at relative humidity of
(A) 80%
(B) 85%
(C) 90%
(D) 95%

29. Minimum isolation distance of cabbage for foundation speed production is
(A) 600 m
(B) 1000 m
(C) 1600 m
(D) 2000 m

30. Which one of these is not the characteristics features of flesh translucency of pineapple?
(A) Increase sensitivity to mechanical injury
(B) Low shell colour and flesh pigment
(C) Lower pH
(D) Lower acids

31. Development of embryo without fertilization is known as ________ .
(A) Parthenocarpy
(B) Parthenogenesis
(C) Apomixsis
(D) None of the above

32. Which of the following is categorized as edge plant?
(A) Euphortia
(B) Opuntia
(C) Justicia
(D) Agave

33. For longer storage life of Cucumber, the temperature should be kept at
(A) 5⁰C
(B) 10⁰ C
(C) 20⁰ C
(D) 25⁰ C

34. Sugar act as a preservative
(A) by inhibiting enzyme browning
(B) as true poison for microorganism.
(C) by osmosis
(D) by diffusion

35. fruit set in bringal is usually in the flower having
(A) medium style
(B) short style
(C) long and medium style
(D) Short and medium style

36. Sweet com is
(A) moniecious annual
(B) dioecious annual
(C) hetmaphrodite annual
(D) monoecious biennial

37. Exhausting is done at a temperature of
(A) 67°C
(B) 79°C
(C) 89°C
(D) 100°C

38. French bean is a native of
(A) Mediterranean region
(B) Asia
(C) South and Central America
(D) Northern Africa

39. Ganesh is a variety of which of the following fruit crop?
(A) Pomegranate
(B) Custard
(C) Ber
(D) Aonia

40. Caprification is done in
(A) Fig
(B) Ber
(C) Avacado
(D) Date palm

41. Azospirillum fixes
(A) N in soil
(B) P in soil
(C) N and P in soil
(D) N, P and K in soil

42. Tetrazolium test
(A) Differentiate between normal and non dormant seed
(B) distinguish between normal and abnormal seedlings
(C) determines seed viability
(D) determine seed germination

43. Turnip belongs to genus
(A) Beta
(B) Brassica
(C) Raphanus
(D) Daucus

44. In Papaya papain contains ________ protein.
(A) 65.2%
(B) 82.2%
(C) 72.2%
(D) 55.5%

45. Triploid cultivar of tea is
(A) Jayarum
(B) Arthrey
(C) Golconda
(D) Sundaram

46. Root of which of the following crop is used for oil extract?
(A) Sweet pea
(B) Iris
(C) Gardenia
(D) Rose

47. Pre harvest application of which growth substances in citrus retards chlorophyll disappearance?
(A) Ethylene
(B) Benzylaminopurine
(C) Gibberrellic acid
(D) Maleic hydraride

48. Open centre system of training is followed in
(A) Pear
(B) Plum
(C) Apple
(D) Peach

49. Theobromin in coco is extracted from
(A) Bark
(B) Fruit
(C) Root
(D) Seed

50. Nitrogen content of fruit is due to
(A) protein and amino acid
(B) amino acids and ammonium
(C) protein and organic acids
(D) protein and nitrate

51. Which growth regulator is used to reduce period of chilling requirement?
(C) GA3
(D) Cytokinin

52. Kalipatti is famous verities of ______
(A) Ber
(B) Mango
(C) Sapota
(D) Litchi

53. Which is a heavy climbers?
(A) Antigomon leptopus
(B) Lonicer japonica
(C) Petrea volubilis
(D) Clitoria termatea

54. Disease free plants in micro-propagation can be obtained throw
(A) Meristem culture
(B) Anther culture
(C) Embryo culture
(D) Cell culture

55. Single seeded berry is
(A) Arecanut
(B) Coconut
(C) Cashew
(D) Coffee

56. In which of the following vegetable Vitamin-C is maximum?
(A) Chilli
(B) Coriander leaves
(C) Drumstick leaves
(D) Bathua leaves

57. Which of the following chemical is used for polyploidy breeding?
(A) MH
(D) Colchicine

58. Which one of the following is a climacteric fruit?
(A) Fig
(B) Citrus
(C) Grape
(D) Bee

59. Whip tail in cauliflower is due to deficiency of
(A) Boron
(B) Mg
(C) Mn
(D) Ma

60. Chromosome number of Mango—
(A) 2x=40
(B) 4x=40
(C) 3x=40
(D) X=40

61. Vengurla-3 is a variety of the following Plantation crop:
(A) Oilpalm
(B) Arecanut
(C) Coconut
(D) Cashewnut

62. Which of the causes are not a factor of Weeping jelly?
(A) Excess of acid
(B) Low concentration of sugar
(C) Use of non-clarified juice
(D) Insufficient pectin

63. Which of this is a multiplier onion variety?
(A) Early Granco
(B) Arka Niketan
(C) Agrifound Red
(D) N-53

64. Seeds are shown immediately after extraction in which fruit?
(A) Citrus
(B) Ber
(C) Mango
(D) Jamun

65. Ready- to- serve fruit beverage contains at leats
(A) 10% fruit juice
(B) 15% fruit juice
(C) 20% fruit juice
(D) 25% fruit juice

66. Edible part of jackfruit is
(A) Rachis
(B) Receptacle
(C) Perianth
(D) Pericarp

67. Which enzyme is used for clarification of Fruit juice?
(A) Oxidase
(B) Polygalucturonase
(C) Phelonase
(D) Pectin

68. Which of the following is a rapid pre-cooling method?
(A) Forced air cooling
(B) Hydro cooling
(C) Vaccum cooling
(D) Evaporative cooling

69. Rose Scented is variety of
(A) Guava
(B) Strawberry
(C) Litchi
(D) Pomegranate

70. Essential oil is extracted from
(A) Citronella
(B) Khus
(C) Jasmine
(D) All of the above

71. Pineapple plant generally flowers when the plants attain
(A) 20 to 30 functional leaves.
(B) 30 to 40 functional leaves.
(C) 40 to 50 functional leaves.
(D) 50 to 60 functional leaves.

72. Seed rate of tomato is
(A) 200 to 300 g/ha
(B) 400 to 500 g/ha
(C) 600 to 700 g/ha
(D) 800 to 100 g/ha

73. Major cause of mango fruit drop is:
(A) Lack of pollination
(B) Low stigmatic recepectively
(C) Defective perfect flower
(D) All of the above

74. Tea plantation requires a rainfall of about
(A) 25-50 cm
(B) 50-100 cm
(C) 100-150 cm
(D) 150-250 cm

75. Puffy fruit in tomato if caused by due to
(A) Viral attack
(B) Bacterial attack
(C) Physiological disorder
(D) None of the above

76. Storage temperature and RH of ginger is
(A) 0⁰C and 65%
(B) 13°C and 65%
(C) 18°C and 85%
(D) 23°C and 44%

77. Bitterpit in Apple is due to the deficiency of ______
(A) Ca
(B) Zn
(C) Mn
(D) K

78. Modified stem of banana is _______
(A) sword suckers
(B) rhizomes
(C) water sackers
(D) corn

79. Which of the following state is the largest producer of rubber?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka
(D) Andhra Pradesh

80. Tongue grafting ix a modified form of _______
(A) Saddle grafting
(B) Whip grating
(C) Inarching
(D) None of the above

81. Pusa Majestic is a variety of________
(A) Papaya
(B) Gauva
(C) Mango
(D) Citrus

82. Seedless watermelon variety is
(A) Pusa Bedana
(B) Tetra-2
(C) Sugar Baby
(D) PRM-1

83. In tomato sauce minimum per cent of total soluble solids should be
(A) 12
(B) 18
(C) 24
(D) 30

84. Which of the following is a non-climacteric fruit?
(A) Litchi
(B) Mango
(C) Apple
(D) Banana

85. Which type of apomixes is found in apple?
(A) Recurrent
(B) Non-recurrent
(C) Nucellar polyembryony
(D) Vegetative apomixes

86. Bush type lablab bean is
(A) Arka Komal
(B) JDL-79
(C) Arka Jay
(D) Pusa Early Prolific

87. Which chemical is used for de-greening of fruit?
(B) Cytokinin
(C) Gibberellic acid
(D) Ethylene

88. Which of the statement is not true?
(A) Amaranth is hermaphrodite, annual.
(B) Asparagus is dioecious, perennial.
(C) Brussel sprout is hermaphrodit biennial.
(D) Carrots hermaphrodite annual.

89. Which is not a antibiotic preservative?
(A) Tylosin
(B) Subtilin
(C) Nisin
(D) Pimaricin

90. “Fruit of the 21st century” is called _______
(A) Jamun
(B) Ber
(C) Aonla
(D) Bael

91. Carnation species used in cultivation are
(A) Diploids
(B) Tetraploids
(C) Hexaploids
(D) Octaploaids

92. The fruit of banana is botanically called
(A) Pepo
(B) Berry
(C) Pome
(D) Drupe

93. In which of the following medicinal place root is used for medicinal purpose?
(A) Brahimi
(B) Dill
(C) Aswagandha
(D) Datura

94. Scientific name of by gourd is
(A) Momordica coctinchinensis
(B) Coccinia grandis
(C) Cucurbita ficifolia
(D) Momordica balsamina

95. Which flower is most suitable for drying?
(A) Poppy
(B) Tuberose
(C) Helichrysum
(D) Cosmos

96. Male sterility in beet is due to
(A) Single recessive gene
(B) Plasmic and gene interaction
(C) staminal steriliry
(D) functional pollen sterility

97. Water Use Efficiency of which method of irrigation high?
(A) Flood irrigation
(B) Sprinkler
(C) Drip
(D) All of the above

98. Length of spike of fancy grade Gladiolus is
(A) <81
(B) 81-95
(C) 96-106
(D) >107

99. Which one of the following is a fragrant shrub?
(A) Cestrum nocturnum
(B) Hamelia patens
(C) Lxora parviflora
(D) Thevetia peruviana

100. Pusa Ruby has been developed by crossing
(A) Sioux x Improved Meerut
(B) Improved Meeruti x Red Cloud
(C) EC-55005 x Punjab Tropic
(D) Long Style x Roma