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Zoology GK

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GK Question Papers of Zoology

1. Which of the following is not the correctly matched pair of structure with functions ?
1) Mitochondria : ATP production
2) Golgi body : Breakdown of complex molecules
3) Chloroplast : Photosynthesis
4) Endoplasmic reticulum : Synthesis of proteins

2. Carbohydrates are characterized by having which of the following functional groups ?
1) Carbonyl and methyl
2) Sulfhydryl and phosphate
3) Carbonyl and hydroxyl
4) Hydroxyl and amino

3. Which of the following does not act as second messenger during signalling process :
1) Diacyl Glycerol
2) Calcium Ions
3) Magnesium Ions
4) Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate

4. Electron microscope forms image by using ­
1) Ultra violet rays
2) Infra red rays
3) Ordinary light
4) Beam of electrons

5. Which of the following acts as connecting link between Kreb’s cycle and EMP pathway .
1) Phosphoenol pyruvate
2) Ribulose biphosphate
3) Pyruvic acid
4) Acetyl CoA

6. In “Retroviruses” the genetic material is ­
1) RNA
2) DNA
3) Ribosome
4) Golgi body

7. The site of origin of replication usually contains ­
1) A-T rich Sequences
2) G-C rich Sequences
3) Both A-T and G-C Sequences
4) No particular stretch of Sequences

8. Which of the following number of chromosomes are Acrocentric in human beings?
1) 12 , 11 and 13
2) 10 , 12 and 13
3) 13 , 14 and 15
4) 11 , 10 and 15

9. Restriction enzymes are related with ­
1) Synthesis of ATP
2) Synthesis of RNA
3) Synthesis of DNA
4) Breaking of DNA at certain places

10. Proteins that are to be used outside the cell , are Synthesized .
1) On ribosomes
2) In the mitochondria
3) On the rough endoplasmic reticulum
4) On the smooth endoplasmic reticulum

11. Which of the following enzyme repairs the gaps in DNA ?
1) Ligase
2) Lipase
3) Aldolase
4) Hexokinase

12. Which of the following second messengers can stimulate a mammalian cell to become a cancer cell.
1) Ca2+
2) Cyclic AMP
3) Oncogene
4) PIP3

13. What is the method used for establishing linear relationship between two variables ?
1) Chi-Square test
2) t-Test
4) Regression analysis

14. Which of the following is not an antigen presenting cell ?
1) T-lymphocyte
2) B-lymphocyte
3) Dendritic cell
4) Macrophage

15. Hypothyroidism in childhood leads to ­
1) Cretinism
2) Addison’s disease
3) Sterility
4) Myxodema

16. The correct sequence of urea formation in Ornithine cycle is :­
1) Ornithine , Arginine , Citruline
2) Ornithine , Citruline , Arginine
3) Ornithine , Urinine , Arginine
4) Ornithine , Arginine , Urinine

17. The discipline that applies recombinant DNA , DNA Sequencing methods and bioinformatics to sequence , assemble and analyze the function and structure of genomes is called .
1) Gene amplification
2) Genomics
3) Proteomix
4) Gene therapy

18. In cellular respiration , which of the following processes occur only inside mitochondria and not in the cytoplasm ?
1) Glycolysis and pentose – phosphate pathway
2) Glycolysis and citric acid cycle
3) The citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation
4) Glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation

19. In a sample of DNA , analysis of its base composition showed that the proportion of A­G was not equal to T­C Hence , this DNA is ­
1) Double Stranded DNA
2) Single Stranded DNA
3) Mutated DNA
4) DNA from a cancer cell

20. The enzyme responsible for generation of Inositol 1, 4, 5 triphosphate in cell is :­
1) Protein Kinase – C
2) Phospholipase – C
3) Phospholipase – A2
4) Sphingomyelinase

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21. “pH” of lysozyme is maintained by .
1) Proton pump
2) Sodium pump
3) Calcium pump
4) Chloride pump

22. Copper is associated with which of the following mitochondrial enzymes ?
1) Cytochrome oxidase
2) Succinate dehydrogenase
3) Catalase
4) Acid phosphatase

23. Cancerous cells are destroyed by which of the following type of cells ?
1) Macrophages
2) NK cells (Natural Killer Cells)
3) Neutrophils
4) Eosinophils

24. Choose the correct combination of molecular markers used in PCR based DNA amplification .
1) RFLP , AFLP and SSR
2) AFLP , SSR and RAPD
3) RFLP , RAPD and SSR
4) RAPD , RFLP and SSR

25. pBR­322 and pBR­327 are examples of ­
1) Plasmid cloning vector
2) Virus vector
3) Cosmid vector
4) Endonuclease vector

26. The 80s ribosomes of eukaryotes break into which of the following sub units?
1) 50s and 30s
2) 60s and 40s
3) 40s and 40s
4) 60s and 50s

27. Which enzyme is present in the F1 particle?
1) Fumerase
2) Aconitase
3) Thiokinase
4) ATPase

28. Which of the following interaction plays a major role in stabilizing B­DNA ?
1) Hydrogen bond
2) Hydrophobic interaction
3) Vander waal’s interaction
4) Ionic interaction

29. The isotope used in the treatment of Grave’s disease is .
1) Co60
2) P32
3) I131
4) I123

30. In a DNA molecule , photo reactivation mechanism repairs :­
1) Purine dimers
2) Purine nucleotides
3) Pyrimidine nucleotides
4) Pyrimidine dimers

31. What is the important function of cadherins ?
1) Bind axon to muscle cell
2) Calcium independent molecules
3) Recognize and bind to molecules of the same type
4) Bind cells to extracellular matrix

32. Which of the following statements regarding ‘t test’ are correct ? I. A parametric test II. A non parametric test III. A test for comparing averages IV. A test for comparing variances
1) I and IV
2) II and III
3) II and IV
4) I and III

33. A chi­square test involves a set of counts called “expected counts”. What are expected counts :
1) The actual counts that occurred in the observed data
2) The long run counts that are expected if the observed counts are representative
3) Hypothetical counts that would occur if the alternative hypothesis were true
4) Hypothetical counts that would occur if the null hypothesis were true

34. There are three girls in a room of ages four , five and six . If a five year old girl enters this room ;
1) the mean age will remain the same but the standard deviation will increase
2) the mean age will remain the same but the standard deviation will decrease
3) the mean age and standard deviation will stay the same
4) the mean age and standard deviation will increase

35. The correlation coefficient computed for two parameters measured in 200 patients is 0.85 . This means that :
1) The two parameters are directly correlated and the link is strong
2) The two parameters are directly correlated and the link is weak
3) The two parameters are inversely correlated and the link is strong
4) There are too few cases and the coefficient value cannot be trusted

36. Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry is based on ­
1) Property of certain molecules to absorb some of the energy of an emitted particle and release it in the form of light
2) Property of liquids to emit light
3) Measuring oscillations of molecules
4) Turning liquids into light

37. Given below is sample a portion of DNA strand giving the base sequence on the opposite strands ­ 5′ ­­­­­­­­­­­ GAATTC­­­­­­­­­­­­3′ 3’­­­­­­­­­­­­CTTAAG­­­­­­­­­­­­5′ What is so special shown in it ?
1) Palindromic sequence of base pairs
2) Replication completed
3) Mutation
4) Start codon at the 5′ end