Zoology Hard Question Papers

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Zoology Hard Question Papers

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Hard Question Papers of Zoology

1. Which one of them substance normally fail to cross cell membrane under any circumstances ?
(1) DNA
(2) Water
(3) Fatty acid
(4) Ethanol

2. Collagen is rich in
(1) Glycine and proline
(2) Glycine and glutamate
(3) Glutamine and arginine
(4) Glutamine and leucine

3. Which one of them chromatography technique suitable for separation of albumins ?
(1) Ion exchange chromatography
(2) Paper chromatography
(3) Gel filtration chromatography
(4) Hydrophobic chromatography

4. The reagent using in thin layer chromatography for amino acids
(1) Bromophenol
(2) Coomassie brilliant blue
(3) Ninhydrin
(4) Ethidium bromide

5. Molecular technique using for separation of same molecular weight proteins.
(1) Affinity chromatography
(2) Ion exchange chromatography
(3) Gel filtration chromatography
(4) SDS PAGE Electrophoresis

6. DNA protein interaction can be performed by using
(1) Gel filtration
(2) Gel shift assay
(3) DNA finger-printing
(4) Dialysis

7. The technique using for the study of metalloenzymes oxidation reduction state of metal in Electron Transport System is
(1) Electron spin resonance
(2) Magnetic resonance imaging
(3) Crystallography
(4) Fourier transform spectroscopy

8. Which one of these is IR (infrared) active compound ?
(1) CO
(2) H2
(3) N2
(4) O2

9. Which one of these technique using for the study of interacting residues in proteinlizand interaction ?
(1) X-ray crystallography
(2) CD spectroscopy
(3) Fluorescence spectroscopy
(4) MRI

10. Tiger can be found in the following protected area of Rajasthan :
(1) Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
(2) Ranthambore National Park
(3) Keoladeo National Park
(4) All of these

11. Which of the following can be used as a marker of inner mitochondrial membrane ?
(1) Succinate dehydrogenase
(2) ATP synthase
(3) Succinyl Co-A synthase
(4) Cardiolipin

12. Xeroderma pigmentosum in human is associated with a mutation by
(1) Photoreactivation
(2) Nucleotide excision repair
(3) Base excision repair
(4) Mismatch repair

13. Which one of these layer has highest biota ?
(1) Epilimnion
(2) Metalimnion
(3) Hypolimnion
(4) Aphotic zone

14. Which one of them is known as Kornberg enzyme ?
(1) DNA ligases
(2) DNA polymerase
(3) Topoisomerases — IT (Gyrases)
(4) Restriction endonucleases

15. Which one of the water reservoirs has highest Biological Oxygen Demand ?
(1) Oligotrophic
(2) Eutrophic
(3) Dystrophic
(4) Mesotrophic

16. Function of Golgi complex is/are
(1) Sorting and Packaging
(2) Secretion
(3) Biogenesis of lysosome
(4) All of these

17. Who was first time propos semi-conservative DNA replication
(1) Watson and Crick
(2) McCarty and Jagdish
(3) Friedrich Meister
(4) Meselson and Stahl

18. Bombykol is
(1) Hormone
(2) Pheromone
(3) Enzyme
(4) Protein

19. Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary is located at
(1) Uttarakhand
(2) Karnataka
(3) West Bengal
(4) Telangana

20. Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary is located at
(1) Telangana
(2) Bihar
(3) Maharashtra
(4) Himachal Pradesh

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21. Which one of the animal extinct recently ?
(1) Pterodactyl
(2) Leopard
(3) Dodo
(4) Mammoh

22. The program “Vanmahotsava” was started by
(1) Dhirubhai Ambani
(2) Sundarlal Bahuguna
(3) Baba Amte
(4) Amrita Devi Vishnoi

23. Which one of these is incorrect ?
(1) Manas — Assam
(2) Corbett — Uttar Pradesh
(3) Sunderban — West Bengal
(4) Periyar — Kerala

24. Kumbhalgrah Sanctuary is located at
(1) Udaipur
(2) Pali
(3) Dholpur
(4) Rajsamand

25. Which one of the following hormone is secreted from intestine?
(1) Motilin
(2) PYY3-36
(3) Gastrin
(4) GIP

26. Role of GLP-1 (Glucagon like peptide-1) is
(1) Production of Glucagon.
(2) Stimulation of Glucose production.
(3) Stimulation of Pancreatic insulin secretion.
(4) Stimulation and storage of protein and lipid through supress metabolism.

27. Which one of the following pair is not correct as per functional activity ?
(1) Parathymone vs Calcitonin
(2) Insulin vs Glucagon
(3) Adrenalin vs Nor-adrenaline
(4) Thyroxine vs Parathyroxin

28. Teeth of human are
(1) Thecodont, polyphyodont, heterodont
(2) Acrodont, monodont, homodont
(3) Thecodont, diphyodont, heterodont
(4) Acrodont, polyphyodont, homodont

29. The best description of organ of corti is
(1) Inner ear cells are sound amplifiers.
(2) The apex is attuned to high frequency sounds.
(3) The scala media is filled with perilymph.
(4) The basilar membrane is wider at the apex.

30. β-adrenergic receptor agonists cause the following ‘effect in pulmonary function : .
(1) Bronchiolar dilation
(2) Bronchiolar contraction:
(3) Decreased forced vital capacity
(4) Decreased total lung capacity

31. Insulin like Growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is secreted from :
(1) Liver
(2) Pancreas
(3) Stomach
(4) Intestine

32. Mesodermal orginated organs or tissues are
(1) Testis, blood, adrenal gland
(2) Nephron, testis, intestine
(3) Pancreas, nephron, blood
(4) Testis, nephron, blood

33. A condition, where a driver travelling a dark road at night is temporarily blinded by the high beams of an oncoming vehicle. Which on of the best description may be from followings ?
(1) Temporary blindness is caused by Na channel internalization.
(2) The channel that mediates night vision transduces olfaction.
(3) Vision recovery involves rhodopsin dephosphorylation.
(4) Light inhibits guanylyl cyclase activating proteins in rods.

34. The “reduced ventricular ejection” phase of cardiac cycle is showing by following signal of electrocardiogram :
(1) P wave
(2) T wave
(3) ST segment
(4) QRS complex

35. Which one of these deficiency is causing the hypoprothrombinaemia ?
(1) Pantothenic acid
(2) Pyridoxine
(3) Pteroylglutamic acid
(4) Phylloquinone

36. Which one of following role is cholecystokinin ?
(1) Secretion of HCl
(2) Secretion of mucous
(3) Secretion of bile.
(4) Secretion of bicarbonate ions and zymogen

37. Which one of these metalloprotein has not consisting of iron metal ?
(1) Haemerythrin
(2) Erythrocruorin
(3) Haemoglobin
(4) Haemocyanin

38. Which one of them has greatest buffering capacity in intestinal fluid ?
(1) Bicarbonate system
(2) Ammonium-ammonia system
(3) Phosphate system
(4) Haemoglobin

39. Maximum content of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is transporting in blood by
(1) Bound to plasma protein.
(2) In the plasma as bicarbonate ions.
(3) Dissolved in the plasma.
(4) In the blood cell cytoplasm.

40. The Starling’s law of the heart explained that
(1) Relation between the energy of contraction and length of the cardiac muscle fibre.
(2) Explain the increase in cardiac output.
(3) Explain the increase in heart rate produced by exercise.
(4) Does not operates in failing heart.

41. Which one of them is known as pacemaker of heart ?
(1) SA node
(2) AV node
(3) Bundle of His
(4) Purkinje system

42. During the cardiac cycle the second heart sound is caused by
(1) Ventricular filling
(2) Vibration in ventricular wall during the systole.
(3) Closure of aortic and pulmonary valves.
(4) Closure of auriculo-ventricular valves.

43. Which one of the drugs block the ATP synthase ?
(1) Oligomycin
(2) Paracetamol
(3) Sodium azote chloride
(4) Sodium benzoate

44. Which one of them explaining the competitive inhibitor of an enzyme ?
(1) Decreases Km with affecting the Vmax
(2) Increases Km without affecting the Vmax
(3) Decreases Km without affecting the Vmax
(4) Km and Vmax affecting differently.

45. Which one of them gastrointestinal signalling substances is released by sympathetic nerve terminals and decreases intestinal secretions ?
(1) Histamine
(2) Vasoactive intestinal peptide
(3) Gastrin-releasing peptide
(4) Substance P

46. Na+ is required for absorption of which of the following substances by the small intestinal epithelium ?
(1) Apical glycerol uptake
(2) Apical dipeptide uptake
(3) Basolateral glucose transport
(4) Basolateral amino acid transport

47. Micelle formation is necessary for the intestinal absorption of
(1) Glycerol
(2) Bile acid
(3) Vitamin B12
(4) Vitamin D

48. Which one of them is third electron acceptor in electron transport chain ?
(1) NAD Coenzyme
(2) Cytochrome C
(3) Cytochrome B
(4) Coenzyme Q

49. Which one of the followings are incorrect paired ?
(1) Pancreatic alfa cell – Glucagon
(2) K-cell ‘ — Glucagon like Peptide-1
(3) L-cell — Gastric inhibitory polypeptide
(4) Kuffer’s cell — Cytokines

50. Which one of part attributed to concentrate urine in mammalian kidney ?
(1) Bowman’s capsule
(2) Proximal convoluted tubule
(3) Distal convoluted tubule
(4) Henle loop